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The ultimate MMA enthusiast, mixed martial arts has been a passion of mine since I saw Chuck Liddell beat down Tito Ortiz in their first encounter. Since then, I have been hooked on the sport.

That is not to say that I do not love other sports, as I am also a die hard Chicago Blackhawks fan. I have been that way since I was a kid, long before the Stanley Cup bandwagon hoppers that plague the United Center on a game to game basis.

I am also a huge Chicago White Sox fan. As far as football is concerned, I root for the Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans. Trolling Green Bay Packers fan may be the easiest/most amusing thing to do on Sundays, especially because I used to go to school five minutes from Lambeau Field.

I feel that is all the information that is worth sharing, as this is a sports website. Hope you enjoy my articles!

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  • fred gor posted 2106 days ago

    fred gor

    Just wanted to point out that Crocop has lost twice to hoost, once to mark hunt in pride (after winning their first bout in K1 he dropped a split decision) and he lost another split decision to bonjasky after winning their first bout. So calling him the king of the rematch in your recent article is a bit inaccurate, even though he was able to avenge his loss to gonzaga

  • Gustavo Pohls posted 2129 days ago

    Gustavo Pohls

    Riley, we are honored you considered Antonio Duarte as one of the top Mexican Fighters not yet signed with the UFC. Antonio has exciting news as he has a fight in Bellator, please let me know where I can write to you to give you some more details, and again, we are honored to be acknowledged as one of the best in Mexico.

  • ta pout posted 2166 days ago

    ta pout

    Hey man, i think the wsof18 is on Thursday 2/12, is it not?...idk if you look at these comments....i'll leave a note on the thread too.

  • RkReddy posted 2305 days ago


    hi like this WWF fights

  • wade hampel posted 2630 days ago

    wade hampel

    Riley, I manage a bunch of UFC and MMA fighters. I would like to see if you would like to interview them? Could you email me at

  • Phoenix Jones posted 2678 days ago

    Phoenix Jones

    keep reading that Rousey article man. is that really your honest opinion on the topic or did bleacher need someone to do a piece taking Ronda's side for positive PR?

    don't listen to that garbage from "Johnny Bananas" he's the ultimate troll.

  • Johnny Bananas posted 2684 days ago

    Johnny Bananas

    Your articles are atrocious. When is B/R going to get real writers instead of anyone off the street. You have SAME format for every article you write. Plus, your analysis sounds like it is copied straight from Wikipedia, which in some cases it actually is. Learn how to be a real journalist. Actually don't, you would still be awful. Give up writing and do something so you can move out of your mom's basement.

  • Smerfy posted 2703 days ago


    You, sir, have just earned a fan. White Sox and THEEE bears for sure.

  • Jay Boyer posted 2741 days ago

    Jay Boyer

    You are a fantastic author thoroughly enjoying these reading these keep it up !

  • Phoenix Jones posted 2814 days ago

    Phoenix Jones

    awesome man! in my opinion you and Hunter are by far the best writers on this site. leaps and bounds above others.