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  • Terry Robinson posted 3321 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    Looks like Drac is back, too bad you can't get away with 'Goon' any longer. You are so transparent.

  • Tim Siebel posted 3329 days ago

    Tim Siebel

    McAfee looks like something out of the movie DELIVERANCE. LOL

  • Dan Verner posted 3337 days ago

    Dan Verner

    that's my uncles picture. take it down.

  • Jim hughes posted 3340 days ago

    Jim hughes

    haha that is one hell of a picture. What's it like to live in a cave?

  • Daniel Sheen posted 3351 days ago

    Daniel Sheen

    Haha, get the hell off BR. You are an idiot and troll, literally the worst kind of person I could imagine.

  • Luke Sabin posted 3351 days ago

    Luke Sabin

    Get off of Bleacher Report. You are just here to troll and you never make any sense with any of your comments.

  • Matthew Elson posted 3358 days ago

    Matthew Elson

    Go Notre Dame!!! U=Fail

  • NDFan05 posted 3359 days ago


    GO IRISH!!!!!!

  • Doug Jones posted 3369 days ago

    Doug Jones

    If that profile picture is indeed you then the bulk of your inane comments begin to make sense.

  • scott Mac Millan posted 3379 days ago

    scott Mac Millan

    Hey Corliss, great posting on Rottenburger. The man is a scumbag without question. Celebs almost always go scott free. keep on keeping it real, best of luck, Scotch679.