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Todd Washburn


Published journalist and program intern at 95.7 The Game, SF, Ca.

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  • Bill Smith posted 2406 days ago

    Bill Smith

    You can't be serious about you article on the Saints. If you have a payout of good hard play that would be one thing but to pay on injury is something else entirely. If I offer you money for someone dying, are you going to follow the rules and laws and wait until they die of old age or help it along. You say the money wasn't great enough for someone to break the existing rules of engagement but you have no idea if that is true. Maybe $10 grand for a first year player on the special teams, would find that helpful. Maybe the recognition of the "injury" of another player would compensate for the illegal nature of the occurrence. Point is, asking for the injury is not only against the rules, it's against the law.

  • Todd Washburn posted 2527 days ago

    Todd Washburn

    Sorry I haven't been here in a while, school school school.

  • Todd Washburn posted 2638 days ago

    Todd Washburn

    B/R loves to run articles written by morons. The drivel that's posted here will never cease to amaze me.

  • Todd Washburn posted 2840 days ago

    Todd Washburn

    Hey B/R....check out the new story. People are loving it. Make it a lead story

  • Maria Cane posted 2840 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Happy New Year! Check out my first article of the year 2011! Comments, retweets,likes, anything appreciated!

  • Todd Washburn posted 2851 days ago

    Todd Washburn

    Ok everyone. Made it to California safe and sound. See you soon

  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 2855 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

    Hi Todd - I know you are a new fan - Here is a tribute to Bert Blyleven and his quest for the HOF - hope you enjoy!
    This is a real passion of mine -

  • Rob Lo posted 2855 days ago

    Rob Lo

    Check out this article claiming the Giants only have the 3rd best pitching staff in MLB:

    Do you agree that #2 is above the Giants? Dude who wrote is named Philly as #1, of course...

  • Todd Washburn posted 2855 days ago

    Todd Washburn

    I gotta stop commenting on my own articles. cant argue with stupid

  • Todd Washburn posted 2860 days ago

    Todd Washburn

    Buster Olney thinks the Cardinals will end up 3rd in the NL Central. Oh my God, Keith Law says Cards will end up first. I have nothing to say to that.