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  • Sean Sedacca posted 1995 days ago

    Sean Sedacca

    No story about Lazio's fantastic win over Napoli last night in the Coppa Italia? It was by far the most important football story of the day. Tell your editors/bosses to get their shit together on this site.

  • Nick Sinclair posted 2137 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Also, I watched the Italy-Croatia game, and Croatia really dominated. Italy just couldn't keep hold of the ball and Zaza and Immobile seemed so isolated. Do you think this is a 3-5-2 problem?

  • Nick Sinclair posted 2137 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Hey Sam,

    I am a faithful Dortmund fan, however I do enjoy following Serie A, and I am trying to choose a team (not to support) but just to follow during Italian games. As a Juventus fan, who do you personally prefer Milan or Inter? I'm sure you generally dislike both all I really know is that historically Milan is working class, and Inter is middle-upper class, however this perception is shifting slightly nowadays.

  • Matthew Amalfitano posted 2155 days ago

    Matthew Amalfitano

    Exactly 876 days ago you gave me some advice on writing in general and now I'm in B/R's Writer's Program! I just published a preview of Napoli-Roma so check that out! Grazie.

  • Leo Collis posted 2196 days ago

    Leo Collis

    No worries, Sam! I was doing my best to fix it but was having just as much trouble as you were, it seems! The CS team went in and made a small fix, bolding the middle column for extra clarity. However, the table was still readable so it wasn't a huge problem. Thanks for checking in!

  • Nick Sinclair posted 2314 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Hey Sam, really like your Serie A and Juventus articles. I just read your 4-3-3 article, but what do you think Juventus need to do to win the champions league and become the best team in Europe? As a Dortmund fan, some good players that may suit you guys from the bundesliga are Firmino, Ricardo Rodriguez as left back, forming the Swiss connection with Lichsteiner. Lastly I just had this crazy thought but what if Balotelli joined Juve!?!?
    I read somewhere that Maldini said it would make him a champion but would it ever happen?

  • Zaidi Rbendez posted 2382 days ago

    Zaidi Rbendez

    Hey Sam how do you do ? For some time now i've been beginning to think of a somewhat "evolutionnary" idea in our potential and inevitable switch of formation to conquer Europe; why not switch to a 4-3-1-2 ? That way, the regista position would become a purely defensive midfield position and we have the best player in the world that could fill it, i.e. King Arturo. By doing that we would only need 2 star signings : A left-back and a trequartista. For left-back, the obvious choices would be either Kolarov or Coentrao, as for the trequartista position, there are many alternatives but i can see a future Pogba with more pace fit really well in there. So if we sell him, then we purchase someone like Goetze, Isco or Iniesta (just like them !!). Any thoughts Sam ?

  • Zaidi Rbendez posted 2386 days ago

    Zaidi Rbendez

    Hey Sam how do you do ? About last night's performance, aren't you beginning to see an odd trend in the way we play recently, be it Serie A or the Europa League ? The trend i'm talking about is that we play in terrific fashion and totally dominate our opponents home or away for a given period (usually the first half or even up to 60 minutes), and after that we become somewhat complacent; we sit back too much and enjoy our lead (even a tiny one !!) and our counters are way too timid. I don't understand, what's the meaning of this ? It happened against Samp, Toro, the 1st leg against Trabzonspor and yesterday and sunday against Fiorentina !!!

  • Mike Lubisco posted 2396 days ago

    Mike  Lubisco

    Sam you are so wrong about Pirlo vs Xavi. Pirlo might be better at some things but Xavi overall is a way better player and achieved far more.

  • John Melo posted 2484 days ago

    John Melo

    Sam, good article about Vidal. Most people believe the best player is the one who scores the most. But as you, I prefer players who can perform excellently in a wide variety of functions. If you like that kind of player, a complete one, with presence all across the field, a game organizer, with killer passes, good free kicks, fast, good dodging, and who scores frequently, then you should take a look to James Rodriguez.