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  • Charles Realtown posted 2675 days ago

    Charles Realtown

    Kevin McGrady had a falling out of sorts with Bleacher Report over the content they wanted to push. Their standards did not meet his, and he left the site permanently. It had nothing to do with Auburn or any other team. He no longer visits or comments on the site.

  • Marc M posted 2751 days ago

    Marc M

    Yeah we should be awesome on D this year, and our O has nowhere to go but up now that we have an O coordinator that actually has an imagination lol. I'm really excited and I beleive we can perform quite well if we stay focused.

  • Marc M posted 2756 days ago

    Marc M

    Well hello there Kreskin how are ya? It's almost that time of year again lol and I'm looking forward to it.........cause there's nothing on kiddin.....but yeah football is in the air! :)

  • Marc M posted 2952 days ago

    Marc M

    Heya Kreskin!

    Well lol as far as insider info at the Swamp, we've potentially a great class coming in from the recruiting trail. Alot of help now for both our lines, more depth and some new blood all the way around really. To go through the year we had last year and be able to come away with a winning record was a huge moral boost. Jon Bostic, Matt Elam, Andre Dubose......gees i'm so pumped to watch our fellas perform in 2012. They along with our other returning guys should be more mature and very hungry this upcoming year. Will has a year under his belt now and a full offseason to go to work. I'm really excited!

  • Marc M posted 2968 days ago

    Marc M

    Hi Kreskin!

    Hey I just wanted to congradulate you on Alabama's National Championship, you certainly merit it. Talk about demolition derby gees lol you blew them off the field. The defensive performance you guys displayed Monday i'm not sure i've ever seen a finer one. Even in most blowouts, the other team moves the ball and makes a few things happen here and there but Bama shut LSU down for 60 full minutes and you did it to the then #1 team in the country.

    Kudos indeed. LSU should forfeit the SEC Championship trophy to you as well. Can't help but tip my hat to you. No doubt Bama is certainly the best in the conference and the nation this year.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3013 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Very true.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3013 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Kreskin, I wanted to reply to your comment on Dr. SEC's article about Bama and the rematch. He kind of reminds me of McGrady in the sense that he says stupid things in order to elicit more comments and better reads/article clicks.

    When he does this stuff he usually gets his ass handed to him by the readers. If you go back through the comment section on that article and read Daxton's comment you will see a good one....long but good.

  • chilibean posted 3014 days ago


    Roll Tide indeed.. :)

    What an exquisite beating.. :)

  • Bleacher Report posted 3014 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Sands of I'm assuming that he will say they go 12-0 next season.

  • Marc M posted 3014 days ago

    Marc M

    Hey Kreskin,

    How are ya? Yeah with OSU losing that almost assures a All SEC title game if LSU takes care of Georgia. What a statement that would be. This conference has an absolute stranglehold on the BCS national championship trophy.

    Yep I know that had to be oh so sweet for you guys to thump Auburn that soundly. Wish we could've done the same to FSU lol but its actually a fitting close to our year. We're getting shoved around on the line of scrimmage, and we gotta get some beef on our lines, but Will understands that, He'll get it right.

    Anyways the 2011 BCS title game will be a historic one and I just can't wait lol. For the 6th straight season the SEC claims it all. That's awesome.