Lita's Thong

Lita's Thong


Born, raised and living in London, England.
A pro-wrestling fan for over 20 years.
Best matches I've been in attendance for:

Stone Cold vs HHH (WWF Championship)
Undertaker vs Kane
Stone Cold vs Mankind vs Kane vs Undertaker
Angle vs Benoit (2 out of 3 falls)
Edge vs Christian (Steel Cage / Intercontinental Championship)
Angle vs Jericho (WCW Championship)
Rock vs Stone Cold (WWF Championship)
RVD vs Eddie Guerrero (Intercontinental Championship)
HHH vs Undertaker

Diva's, who are so much more beautiful in person:

Lita, Trish, Stacy Keibler, Stephanie McMahon, Torrie Wilson, Sable,
Sunny, Molly Holly, Lillian.

Wrestlers I've seen live who are no longer with us:

Owen Hart RIP
Chris Benoit RIP
Eddie Guerrero RIP
Mr Perfect RIP
Hawk L.O.D RIP
Big Boss Man RIP
Crash Holly RIP
Test RIP
Luna Vachon RIP

Twitter: @MonolithEvolved

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  • Jordan Massey posted 2534 days ago

    Jordan Massey

    add me as a fan

  • Sports Lover posted 2696 days ago

    Sports Lover

    What a pic

  • Me and you have the same wrestling taste.
    You got to see Mr.Perfect wrestle? DAMN, you're lucky :P

  • Josh Matt posted 2753 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Josh Matt posted 2778 days ago

    Josh Matt

    wow.i am a wannabe

  • Undead Warrior posted 2859 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    Your name is hilarious

  • Justin Eldridge posted 2984 days ago

    Justin Eldridge

    I actually checked you all out the other day and was very impressed. I would love to come write for you over there as well, but I am concerned I might not be able to contribute at least once a month at times due to my career in the military. There was almost a full month between my last two articles if I remember correctly. What do you think?

  • Justin Eldridge posted 2984 days ago

    Justin Eldridge

    Thanks as always for liking the articles man. As you know, it is always truly appreciated.

  • Louie Babcock posted 2987 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    Thanks for the props on part 4, again I really appreciate it.

  • Justin Eldridge posted 2988 days ago

    Justin Eldridge

    PS. Got a new article out if you check out my profile page you can read it. Would love to hear your thoughts.