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I am Pradeep—rookie journalist—graduate in Journalism and Communications—passionate about sports—found my way to B/R—2012—hardcore LFC supporter.


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  • Glen Danquah posted 2551 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    Glad I could help out, Pradeep!

  • Glen Danquah posted 2566 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    No problem, Pradeep.

  • Sports Lover posted 2567 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Sup PK?

  • Jane Moon posted 2596 days ago

    Jane Moon

    You're welcome, Pradeep!

  • Terry Carroll posted 2684 days ago

    Terry Carroll

    Thanks for your kind comment Pradeep. You're doing pretty well mate

  • Zak Kulin posted 2692 days ago

    Zak  Kulin

    No problem, Pradeep.

  • Rick Seto posted 2699 days ago

    Rick Seto

    Oh geez, now I get it. I hope no one thinks that you think Sunderland Wednesday is the name of SAFC. I know people who comment here can be brutal sometimes, but that'd be ridiculous of them.

  • Rick Seto posted 2699 days ago

    Rick Seto

    Thanks for posting on my board about that change. It's fine that you added "on" before a time element like Wednesday, but not having "on" was not incorrect, according to Associated Press style. I'd say the majority of writers whom I edit don't use the "on." Cheers ...

  • Rick Seto posted 2706 days ago

    Rick Seto

    I have seen a Twitter follow button at the end of B/R stories, but I didn't think that was generated by B/R. I thought it was something that they copied and pasted. No worries; I'd keep a copy of that line somewhere and paste it in at the end.

  • Jordan Pitt posted 2775 days ago

    Jordan Pitt

    No problem Pradeep