Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it

Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it

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  • Smart Guy posted 1110 days ago

    Smart Guy

    Are you 12?

  • Kobe Is The Real Goat posted 1387 days ago

    Kobe Is The Real Goat


  • Ashley Jensen posted 1422 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Did you vote yet (for Bernie)? We vote in June.

  • Mr Skull posted 1425 days ago

    Mr Skull

    Yes you should. Anime are awesome!
    What match are you looking forward to most at WM?

  • Sassy Pages posted 1426 days ago

    Sassy Pages

    Thanks! The women's division in WWE should really consider giving women some decent gimmicks sometimes, a Kane diva... YES! A diva who was burnt... or maybe have some psychological issues and stuff and she is a demon!

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1427 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Someone has to pay for these programs. That means we pay more taxes. Right? I do not mind helping people, but not forced to support the lazy and illegals.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1428 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Free education, free birth control, free healthcare, entitlement program expansions, paid time off, etc. Who pays for that? I like the idea unless I have to pay but get no benefit.

  • Lightning Rod for Hate posted 1428 days ago

    Lightning Rod  for Hate

    Even thought i don't really use it lol

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1429 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Does Bernie have a chance? Hillary will cheat him out of a win!

  • Sassy Pages posted 1432 days ago

    Sassy Pages

    All but the eyes, a little bit of editing there