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Brazilian Football by SB


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  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 3542 days ago


    Hey Bro, check out my new article;

  • ... posted 3598 days ago


    Hey Chelsea had a £15M bid for Neymar rejected. What's you view on that? I'm praying that Chelsea up the bid and sign the boy.. I'm praying!

  • Homer Simpson posted 3607 days ago

    Homer Simpson

    By the way, you have disappeared off BR since the 1/4 final exit of Brazil. Don't take the jibes so seriously, its all fun and games between bloggers.

  • Homer Simpson posted 3607 days ago

    Homer Simpson

    Brazil may not be WC winner in 2010, but they are still one of the best teams. Winning a WC is nice, but its only 7 games. The best players do it season upon season & Brazil has shown it can produce these players to play for clubs in Europe. I know you don't like European football, but Brazilian's have shown they can be the best in Europe which is what I think matters, rather than WC wins which depends on luck & is only 7 games.

  • Jesper Olsen posted 3613 days ago

    Jesper Olsen

    Ha ha good man S. I knew that not even this would shut you up!

    Europe 10, South America 9.

  • ... posted 3614 days ago


    Lmao! The masses have spoken :) Hey, what hurts more.. Brazil crashing out to a over-hyped Euro team or Ronaldo's world cup scoring record almost getting wiped out by a over-hyped Euro player? Which one SB..? I said this to you a long time ago - if Robinho is you best player then you got serious problems and uhm .... I was right, wasn't I?

  • Timothy N posted 3616 days ago

    Timothy N

    Always next time, ignore the hate dude.

  • Andrew Jordan posted 3616 days ago

    Andrew Jordan

    SB, please tell me what you think about this:

  • Dani Hidalgo posted 3616 days ago

    Dani Hidalgo

    By the way, nice "South American" domination of the World Cup: Argentina and Brazil out. Uruguay in by a miracle and Paraguay soon to be out (I hope). Life is rarely fair, but when it is it has to be enjoyed, and this is one of those times after all your senseless ranting. (You are after all the person who said "Spain has no talent", WOW).

  • Austin posted 3617 days ago


    Everybody go easy on SB. I heard he's on suicide watch after that 2-1 beatdown.