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  • Jay Cruz posted 1069 days ago

    Jay Cruz

    Apparently I was banned for defending myself :/ so here's my new account

  • Tony Johnson posted 1070 days ago

    Tony Johnson

    Hi there Jayden Cruz. I'm Tony Johnson and I'm here to make this website political correct and great again.


    Thank you for your time.

  • The Cavalier posted 1072 days ago

    The Cavalier

    Jayden, I give you the gift of The Cavalier...drink it up till your drunk!

  • Tokyo Raven posted 1075 days ago

    Tokyo Raven

    I was lurking on Hunter's bulletin board and saw that May 5th was actually your birthday so happy belated...don't know how I missed that. Do you still use this account sometimes?

  • Hunter X Dallas posted 1081 days ago

    Hunter X Dallas

    Happy (Feliz) Cinco De Mayo amigo!

  • Hunter X Dallas posted 1089 days ago

    Hunter X Dallas

    What match are you most looking forward to at Payback this Sunday?

  • Hunter X Dallas posted 1091 days ago

    Hunter X Dallas

    I'll be right there with you marking out on Balor's arrival; I can't wait to see how he's used on the main roster...so far the recent NXT calls up have showed a lot of promise so hopefully WWE knows how to use them properly. I'm afraid I can't do the backflips to celebrate lol so I'll have to celebrate by jumping around like a maniac.

  • Tokyo Raven posted 1092 days ago

    Tokyo Raven

    Jay, how you been buddy? I thought I saw you the other day but couldn't really tell lol...I see you've been on BR recently...what are your plans for the summer when classes are over!

  • Hunter X Dallas posted 1094 days ago

    Hunter X Dallas

    No problema my friend, it really is a cool pic for some reason and I enjoy having you back on the bulletin boards. I missed your energy---everything feels refreshing here on Bleacher Report again like when we first started!

  • Hunter X Dallas posted 1095 days ago

    Hunter X Dallas

    IT'S TIME TO CATCH-UP! Como estas, mi amigo? My birthday was awesome along with my spring break away from school and reality. Can I just have a permanent vacation somewhere? Wrestling has been so cool lately, it's been a while since I've been this invested in the product--so much talent on the main roster it's almost overwhelming. They're not giving Sasha Banks enough spotlight but I'm content with the women's division. I'm highly enjoying the tag division better than I have in years,,,this tournament was great way to introduce the NXT tags. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn is by far my favorite current feud while Crews/Corbin's debut have me interested to see what the company does for them. I like your profile pic for some reason lol please keep it for a while!