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  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 318 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Yeah you pretty much echoed my sentiments on Bosz's sacking, I've been supporting forever, and I thought we would definitely be patient with him. The news was surprising, yet given the mood of unease with the club and the fans it wasn't surprising.

    I personally got a feeling of relaxation when Stoger was appointed so immediately. He may have been unbelievably poor in his last season with Cologne, but he was generally known as one of the most stably consistent coaches in the country. He instantly brought a unspectacular, yet simple style of play back to us. And plus he's an ultimate man manager, so he's reportedly already become a key figure for the lads in the dressing room. That's the connection that Peter brings, and he'll whip these players into form in this winter break and we'll see a very good side come out of it. Plus, we've got injured players all back in training, so that's an incredible boost as well.

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 346 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Been a while, precisely 2 horrible months since I last conversed, and the less said about this disastrous time the better. But anyways, now Bosz is going. Will be interesting to see who's the caretaker.

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 416 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Been a while, and now that the winter break is upon us, it's been a mixed-to great 3 weeks.
    First off, the bad was obviously our CL campaign. We're 2 games in and with 0 points, qualifying to the next round is very tough. But we still have a shot, starting with absolute thrashing of APOEL.

    Second, our league campaign is just going incredible. Destroyed Gladbach 6-1, beat Hamburg 0-3, but more importantly we have produced the most potential - Champions like performance against Augsburg, beating them 1-2 in a tight game. And with Bayern's stunning collapse to 2 draws and a loss in the space of 30 days, we're 5 points clear with the break. And of course their huge controversial week with a 3-0 loss and Ancelotti's sacking.

    So, to cap it off, we're close to losing our CL campaign the worst way in 6 seasons, but our Bundesliga season could be the best this year. What are your thoughts on this compromise?

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 433 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Yeah and unlucky game against Tottenham.

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 450 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Yeah, even I'm disappointed that we've let go of such a special talent after just one season. But he made impossible to keep him and the money was too much to refuse.
    Anyways, the big news of course, is that we've instantly (like literally minutes before Dembele was officially unveiled) replaced him with Andriy Yarmolenko of Kiev, one of our very longtime targets. It was no secret that Klopp wanted him for years, but Andriy didn't want to leave, until now when he's in his best level. The lad is basically a complete, finished package. He's pace, strength, skills, vision, finishing (especially from long range).

    And the best part is, he's not a young gem we need to develop, he's ready to deliver and hopefully doesn't take long adjusting to our city and country. I'm a little surprised we didn't spend more, but who cares as long as Andriy gets the job done. Can't wait to see him in BVB colours after the international break.

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 453 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Appreciate the link, funny stuff. And anyways, been a while since I responded, so
    First off, Great opening win against Wolfsburg. We played well, and Pulisic showed why we won't miss an immature distraction like Dembele. Bartra scored a emotionally charged, world class goal, and Auba did as always.Things are looking good at the start of the Bosz era.

    Second, the Dembele saga seems like it's finally coming to an end. Barca have reportedly caved in to our huge asking price of 120 mil+ 30 mil in add ons, which is great since 25% will go to Rennes. And our shortlist for replacing Ousmane is pretty much in the same mould. We're rumored to be interested in Malcom, a Bordeaux youngster with pretty much the same skillset as Dembele. the other Ligue 1 youngster we're being linked with is Maxwel Cornet of Lyon. Another explosively fast, strong winger although doesn't have the same quality as Dembele. Third, there are the other rumored German names floating around like Draxler and Brandt. In my opinion, apart from Draxler of course Malcom would be a perfect option if you watch his highlights at Bordeaux. He's really, really good.

    Third, what a group stage draw. Getting sick of facing Real, but once again will be a good test for us. Tottenham is a very interesting prospect. Anyways, who do you think we should replace Dembele with?

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 468 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Unbelievable, Dembele has not reported to training, isn't picking up contact and apparently trying to force a move. Unless it's something bad personally, I didn't expect this from this kid.

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 472 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Well that was a disappointing Supercup loss, but with positive signs. We were good for 20 mins in the first half, but Bayern dominated the rest. The second half was much better, and we should've seen the win out. Individually, Burki was MOTM, the fullbacks were by far the weak links, although can't blame Zagadou because this was his first big game and Bosz shouldn't have started him so soon.

    But other than that, it was a fun game. I think apart from a few alterations, our squad is ready to go for the new season. Hopefully Dembele is still here, so we can properly challenge for the title.

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 483 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Yeah, you echoed my thoughts on that situation. I was not really satisfied with the Giroud link given his age and given that we shouldn't be making a substitute at Arsenal our main striker.

    I think Auba will have the professionalism because he still wants a "dream" move to either Madrid or PSG, but neither club really wanted him badly. So he needs to churn out another fantastic season for that.

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 491 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Well good news. After all the hype and all the endless speculation, Auba is officially set to stay. Zorc has shut the door on his exit. Even though I always said Auba can be replaceable, after Lacazette went to Arsenal we had no realistic options left (except for MAYBE Morata and the recently linked Giroud), So It's a very good relief for us. But to my slight disappointment, he's also more or less declared that our buying is done, when we need a new fullback.