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Blake Silvers is a Georgia native and lifelong sports fan. He has a background in History, with a degree from Kennesaw State University. Silvers is also an Iraq Campaign veteran with the United States Army. He is married with one young daughter.

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  • Indians Fan posted 2425 days ago

    Indians Fan

    Hi Blake!

  • A D posted 2839 days ago

    A D

    You were at the 09 GT vs VT game? Awesome stuff!

  • Neal Perry posted 3061 days ago

    Neal Perry

    You are very right on that. UGA fans are some of the most critical fans in the college football world, but seldom do they look at the whole picture. Give me CMR over a win at all cost coach anytime, and I will die a happy man. As much as I love college football, I am just as proud, no matter what the record of how an outstanding coach and person UGA has at the helm. I must be easily pleased because I do want them to win a NC, but realize that all the myriad factors that are involved in a team, I.E. injuries, failing to do the job academically, and just plain bad luck can have a devastating effect on a a teams fortunes for one year to the next, but I feel CMR keeps it in perspective, and realizes that things happen in life, and character is extremely important.
    Now that I am retired, I will actually get to see my first spring game this year, and I suddenly realized I don't know anything about where you get tickets; if they are needed and any of the details about anything other than I know I am going, am going to shoot a million pictures, ( another hobby of mine), and I am going to enjoy it as much as a real game.
    Have a good day, and keep those articles coming. I eat up any and all info. on my DAWGS, and enjoy the good reads.

  • Blake Silvers posted 3096 days ago

    Blake Silvers

    Follow Me on Twitter! (!/JBlakeSilvers)