Peter Parker

Peter Parker


For anyone who's interested in numbers, statistics and tactics, I recomend the following sites: :
-Uses mathematical algorythms to evaluate the impact a player has on his team's goal differential : especially for Cristiano Shaon
-Fundamentals on tactics; offensive- and defensive movement; overlapping, man- and zonal marking etc. : makes Zonal Marking look like childsplay
-Tactical rehashs of matches played and an absolute must for anyone interested in tactics.

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  • P D posted 2136 days ago

    P D

    Also your club made some excellent signings this summer, I hope you guys can finish in top half of the table and maybe qualify for Europa league with a bit of luck. I do agree with Ruminegge that German clubs need a better TV deal, like for example Cardiff City last yr had twice the TV earnings of Bayern ! And we are supposed to be rich!!

  • P D posted 2136 days ago

    P D

    Well there is always a new era to look forward too with Lahm retiring, Klose retiring and Schewini may not be a starter. The class of 2009 will take a lead I feel. I don't debate much on B/R these days more so on Facebook in a group where some of our B/R commentators also post. Let me know if you are interested. Couple of trolls but otherwise a good group.

  • P D posted 2140 days ago

    P D

    I guess you won't be too dissapointed with Kroos leaving? How have you been :) Congrats on Germany's WC triumph!

  • Jack Wilshire posted 2156 days ago

    Jack  Wilshire

    Hi Peter, I've seen a lot of your comment, particularly on Bundesliga articles and it seems like you're one of the few logical people on this site. As an active follower of German football do you know anything about the Americans in Germany?

    Timmy Chandler - Will he be able to win a starting place at Eintracht Frankfurt? (Assume it will be difficult with Jung/Oczpika)
    Brooks- Can he be world class, if not how good?
    Joseph Gyau/Junior Flores - Play on the second teams in BVB i believe, do you know anything about how they're devolping?
    Any other Youth or First Team Americans

    I know some of the players I listed are a bit obscure, so I understand if you don't know much. Thanks.

  • Ricky Granados posted 2303 days ago

    Ricky Granados

    3-0 are the guys more motivated or something? Hertha is just killing it this year.

  • Ricky Granados posted 2310 days ago

    Ricky Granados

    Hertha Berlin!!! jejej really wow €60M. That's a lot of money. Where did they sell the shares in the Franfurt stock exchange or was it private?

    I am telling you the money pool in Berlin has to be large, you just have to funnel it into the team. Germany is still the biggest economy in europe it doesn't take a finacial expert to know you can get a lot of money for an investment in germany. That's what the investros saw because you know that you can at least break even. Hertha is like the Anti-Malaga because they have a big market, fair Tv distribution in the league and a growing economy.

    I have seen this, Millonarios F.C sold the government held shares to a corporate group and then 20% of the total shares were sold to the fans in 2011. Millonarios won the 2011 Copa Colombia, we won the league in 2012, we played copa libertadores.

    Now Hertha has to make it to the CL and the money could secure avery bright future.

  • Sam Tighe posted 2447 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Peter, sorry for the late reply.

    Regarding Perez, he is NEVER in the British papers. We simply don't pay attention to him.

  • P D posted 2461 days ago

    P D

    FC Hollywood to FC Hospital :P Everyone is injured, Robben is fit lol .

  • P D posted 2469 days ago

    P D

    Yeah Hertha is doing good,as long as we collect six points and Dortmund collect none we are best friends.
    What makes me sick about the Thiago injury is so many Bayern fans calling it a "blessing in disguise" How can any true fan say this. One more injury to Basti,Ribery or Robben and suddenly its no longer a blessing,its Bayern in major trouble.

  • P D posted 2470 days ago

    P D

    Very upset about Thiago's injury :-(