Jeremy Botter is a longtime mixed martial arts journalist and an MMA lead writer for Bleacher Report. He is the former associate editor of HeavyMMA.com and the former MMA beat writer for the Houston Chronicle.

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  • fatihin nurul posted 1111 days ago

    fatihin nurul
  • Tony Dougherty posted 1770 days ago

    Tony Dougherty

    The haterade that Rousey has received is not because she is a female- it's exactly what Jonathan Snowden said in his first response- she is a super villian who desired that status and gets the good with the bad that goes along with it. Surely you can see correlations between Rousey's recent tumble and Lesnar or Tito's tumble as well?

    As for the McGregor love- that will change soon too. Many who disliked Rousey were never heard when she was untouchable but when she lost it was her supporters who were silenced, not the legions who loathe her dreadful behavior. Conor is the same way. He has terrible sportsmanship and he's as true an asshole as Tito ever was. Unfortunately, just like Rousey- he's really fucking good. I'm not the only one who was looking forward to Mendes beating him into the ground and not the only one who was begrudgingly impressed with McGregor's victory as much as I was when Rousey beat Bethe...

    Gender has nothing to do with it. Character has everything to do with it. Anderson Silva turned into quite a jackass and when Weidman had his number- I cheered as hard for Weidman as I did ever did for Silva when Silva wasn't such a dolt. When Velasquez lost, no one sane said anything about it except "holy shit, where did his cardio go?" because of the kind of person Cain is. Cain sells fights without being a shitlord? What about Lesnar? Did you hear anyone stand up and support him after he got his ass kicked? He's a local boy and I loved watching him get thrashed for all the shit he talked and all the stupid hype around him. Maybe Rousey is more like Lesnar than when I compared her to Ortiz earlier? Rousey is the highest level judoka anyone inside the UFC ever has been. Lesnar was one of the most athletic and talented 265'ers to ever enter the UFC.

    When Dana rode Lesnar's dick all the time, overhyping his talent and feeding him fights like Heath Ledger and glass skulled Couture after he got exposed by Mir- it was total bullshit. Then when Lesnar avenged his loss, it seemed like a fluke but it was a supposed sign of his growth. It didn't seem like a sign of his talent when the ref let the Carwin/Lesnar fight go on until Shane couldn't punch anymore but thankfully Lesnar got the karma he deserved when he faced Cain and sent on his merry way after fighting past-his-prime Overeem.

    Rousey, like Lesnar- has a skill that is far above others in her area. But it is a single skill and anyone who can effectively neutralize it will crush her. She didn't seem to think she did though and Rogan, Goldie, and many others LOVED to talk up her boxing as if it was something unreal that she was developing at superhuman skills instead of calling it the shit it really was.

    Dana only has enough love in his heart to ride one person's dick at a time. Lesnar was the greatest physical specimen of all time- until he got his ass beat and people dog piled on him for his shitty attitude as he drank his own Koolaid.

    Rousey was the greatest female athlete in history until she walked into the cage without a proper gameplan against an athlete who was on her level and kicked her ass. Then she got to enjoy the karma of being treated as a shitty person when you are one.

    McGregor is next. Dana loves him like a son and like a dysfunctional dad, throws more and more money to Conor just to show him how much he is loved. Hopefully Aldo will derail McGregor's hype train and when he does- the haterade will be poured all over Conor the same way it was Rousey and Lesnar before her and Ortiz before him (but Ortiz did have a wider skill set than either.)

    When McGregor finally falls and gets the hate poured on him as much as anyone can- will you write a new article talking about how awful MMA fans are? How they come out of the woodwork just to hate on an athlete who gives their life and health to entertain? Or will you instead recognize it for what it really is?

    Tito regrettably was a contribution to building MMA. Lesnar and Rousey though- if they never existed at all- MMA would not have missed out on anything. If WMMA needed a marketable person, there were many more women before Rousey who made it possible for her to get where she is. She didn't start WMMA. She did help bring it to the UFC but others could have without her.

    I hope Ronda comes back. And gets smashed as hard as she did before and never sees another championship level win on her MMA record.
    If Lesnar came back from fake wrestling, I would hope he'd get clobbered just as quickly.
    The sooner McGregor can get his ass beat into silence- the better.

    When McGregor fades and Dana looks for another fool to promote far beyond their skill (I believe it's called the Peter Principle) and if they're just as much of an asshole- they won't get beaten out of MMA too quickly for my liking (and many others as well, as you've all apparently heard us vocalize of late.)

    Everyone loves to hate on villians. Rousey was one and still is and for being one, she has earned all the shit that gets dumped on her. She could eat an entire humble pie and still forget how loathsome a person she really is. Terrible sportsmanship, terrible personality, and thankfully a shitty gym I hope she stays at.

    Gender is insignificant- character is everything.

  • JD Rader posted 1789 days ago

    JD Rader

    Hey Jeremy, my name is JD and I'm an 18 year old aspiring sport journalist (preferably MMA), and I was just wondering how you got your start in MMA journalism and if you had any tips. My email is raderjd@gmail.com. Anything you could send my way would be awesome. Thanks.

  • Athletic Anchovy posted 1816 days ago

    Athletic Anchovy

    Jeremy... Thanks for that well-written article on the Cormier/Gus fight.

  • ta pout posted 1847 days ago

    ta pout

    I was about to address how wrong Rumble was in "Who doesn't throw....", then the comments shut off....kind of shocked to see the 10 or so comments already there, supporting AJ!....was just wondering if the support AJ was getting was the reason b/r changed its mind about letting us comment? I don't understand how so many can't read AJ's words and actions as troubling.

  • Anthony Johnson posted 1860 days ago

    Anthony Johnson

    Article ideas- fans didn't know what they had in Jones until he was gone, will Jones return at heavyweight? Seeing as he already cleaned out the lhw division. Time for bellator to aggressively go after major signings , is holly Holm really ready for a title shot??? Is Ronda rousey to big to fail?

  • Anthony Johnson posted 1946 days ago

    Anthony Johnson

    You should write an article how AKA is poised to be the top team in 2015 With The Eagle, Rockhold, DC and Cain all champions. I don't think their has ever been that many champion at one time all from the same gym. An article of how with DC winning it shows just how dominate Jones was. Oh and also will their be a huge migrate from the UFC with the impending Reebok deal. Also how injuries puts divisions in a stand still. As with the case with Weidman Jacare would have already gotten his shot if Weidman wasn't always injured and now your stuck with the problem of two guys that literally should be next for the title but can't fight each other now cause it would eliminate a title contender. Also an article how shockingly Bisping is close to a title shot. After Jacare and Rockhold who is left? I see if Bisping beats Leits and than a possible fight against Moussassi he would get his long awaited shot.

  • Dayna Day posted 2036 days ago

    Dayna Day

    ARE YOU SERIOUS...Hi Jeremy I appreciate your political correct-ness and sensitivity regarding Ronda Rousey's trans status but fact is fact. The reason she's the best female fighter "ever" is because she is a "male". Changing bits and pieces don't change everything else like muscular integrity. I am a huge fan of live and let live, I do not drink haterade and I have numerous LGBT friends and family. However, I continue to agree that her fighting against females is pretty much like cheating. For the purposes of fighting, it's a technicality that allows her to get in and beat women have to death, wrong is wrong.

  • Pai Mei posted 2171 days ago

    Pai Mei

    Hi Jeremy. Listen i saw a fantastic post on Sherdog forum "top 50 regional mms organizations" with great analysis http://forums.sherdog.com/forums/f61/top-50-best-regional-orgs-summer-update-2789581/

    How about you speak to that TS and get it published on BR, I'm sure he would be willing to corporate. It is a great eye opener for people who only know UFC Bellator etc.

    Enjoy your articles btw.

  • Not Sure posted 2180 days ago

    Not Sure

    Leave Pat Miletich alone, can't you libs go five minutes without calling for someone to be fired for saying something that "offends" you? Millions of Americans share Pat's disgust with the Obama administration and it's his right to express it.