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I'm a student at the University of Kentucky. I write about college basketball.

Comment on my articles or Tweet me. I'm pretty responsive.

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  • Cat Reign posted 2654 days ago

    Cat Reign

    Hey math, I'm your fan.
    Angga Rakasa
    cat lovers

  • Billy Dempsy posted 2745 days ago

    Billy Dempsy

    Matt what are you thinking concerning Andrew Wiggins ? Would love to see him wear our colors,but who knows.

  • Aden Kelly posted 2767 days ago

    Aden Kelly

    Not a problem, Matt. Glad to help.

  • Jane Moon posted 2785 days ago

    Jane Moon

    You're welcome, Matt! It was my pleasure to read!

  • Billy Dempsy posted 2800 days ago

    Billy Dempsy

    Hey Matt I have been looking at bleacher for about two mounths now and you are the 1st columnist that I have become a fan of.Keep up the good work,Billy.

  • Jay King posted 2805 days ago

    Jay King

    Hey Matt, any chance on you doing UK football pieces?

  • Vinny Hardy posted 2820 days ago

    Vinny Hardy

    Thanks for the props Matt.

  • Grant Endicott posted 2843 days ago

    Grant Endicott

    Have enjoyed most of your posts prior to the last. I can manage the logic of saying they may not make the Sweet Sixteen... but to predict that they will not make the tournament? Not a good call to make with more than half the season to play. I would consider your logic more, if you said that "this team as it is playing today..." But you didn't. This team may not make the elite eight, sweet sixteen or even the top 32... but they most certainly will make the tournament. Aside from Duke and possibly Indiana, the rest of the field is within ten points of each other. My prediction.. since you can make one.. I guess I can as well... Kentucky will make it to the sweet sixteen... only a really hot run could get them beyond that... WHICH... could be the best thing for Big Blue Nation... I could really enjoy watching a team in 2014 boasting the likes of Caulley Stein, Kyle Wiltjer and Poythress in Blue next year...

  • Adam McGavin posted 2871 days ago

    Adam McGavin

    Happy to help, Matt. Keep up the good work.

  • Vinny Hardy posted 2875 days ago

    Vinny Hardy

    Thanks for becoming a fan Matt, 'preciate it.