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Sam Monson is one of the core team members at, a website that analyzes every player from every snap of every game in the NFL season and provides a whole host of unique data, stats and gradings.

He has also contributed to ESPN1500, Footballdiner and other outlets.

He lives in Dublin, Ireland having caught the football bug from the year he spent in Minnesota as a seven year old. As a full-time job watching and analyzing football wasn't enough, he also plays the game on an amateur basis with the West Dublin Rhinos.

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  • Brian Levine posted 1907 days ago

    Brian Levine

    Tom Brady, given decent receivers to throw to, is as good a QB as there is in the NFL. Declaring him no longer an elite QB has to rank with the all-time knowledgeless statements. And there is no reason to think his skills will diminish any time this season.

    Maybe you should drink less before you write.

  • Harry Hassoun posted 1914 days ago

    Harry Hassoun

    Hey sam Brady not elite?

  • Rich Leach posted 2055 days ago

    Rich Leach

    Sam, not sure my last message went through.... so I saw your NFL roster ranking article and how you had R. Wilson ranked ahead of A. Luck.... do you really thing if Indy contacted Seattle and said we will give you Luck for Wilson they wouldn't say snap.... thank you, we will take him..... change the players and where they went.... no way Indy makes playoffs last two years.... please...

  • Sam Monson posted 2773 days ago

    Sam Monson

    I think it depends almost entirely on Ponder. If he gets it in year two then I think they can legitimately contend for a Wild Card. In that division and in the NFC that may be a 9-7 kind of season to get in with teams taking wins off each other, so if they finish at 8-8 they may have been in the race until the final game and given a good account of themselves. I think that's probably the high watermark season for them barring some kind of real stars-aligning sort of deal.

    It's certainly possible, but it makes a better article to say it'll happen than 'if all goes right it just might be possible' ;)

    Thanks for posting

  • Brian Dezelske posted 2774 days ago

    Brian Dezelske

    Hey man... I caught your article on how the Vikes are gonna shock the world. Although it was well written, I have to say that it's a bit far-fetched to think that they'll land a wild-card berth.

    5-11/6-10 is about the best to expect from the Vikes this year... they do have talent, but that talent just doesn't compare to the other teams in the divison... not right now anyway. They're maybe a season away from making any real noise.