Aaron Nagler

Aaron Nagler


Aaron Nagler is the co-founder of CheeseheadTV.com. He lives in New York City and when not eating, sleeping or breathing football, he enjoys time with his wife and three lovely daughters.

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  • Forrest Kiger posted 2031 days ago

    Forrest Kiger


    I see Tom Crabtree was released on Saturday from the Bucs. Have you heard any word on who might be interested in picking him up?

  • Brian Thometz posted 2250 days ago

    Brian Thometz

    Who do you think will be Offensive Rookie of the Year?

  • Tye Richard posted 2399 days ago

    Tye Richard

    Would you be able to put up a madden video with Jarvis Jones when it comes?
    I enjoy seeing your madden videos, keep up the good work.

  • Bill Petilli posted 2407 days ago

    Bill Petilli

    Nagler.. glad to see you found your calling. I'm following. Niners rule

  • Cheto Rodriguez posted 2449 days ago

    Cheto Rodriguez

    Did you stop the series on Jamarcus Russell??? The comeback??

  • Brandon Love posted 2462 days ago

    Brandon  Love

    I love the series on Jamarcus Russell. Its becoming hard to find the new episodes and keep track of the old. If there is anthing you/anyone with Bleacher Report could do i would love it. The documentary like videos/movies are very interesting keep em coming! Thank you

  • Brian Vianueva posted 2476 days ago

    Brian Vianueva

    how would i go about keeping tabs on the jamarkus russle series of episodes

  • Steven Schlarman posted 2531 days ago

    Steven Schlarman

    As much as I hate to say it, I think you're right about Reid in KC.

  • Jason May posted 2556 days ago

    Jason May

    Hi Aaron,

    Hopefully, you have heard of my new website www.profootballhotreads.com or seen us around on Twitter. But, I want to formally introduce myself and extend a virtual handshake.

    My website is an analysis/opinion aggregator that aims to collect all the best NFL articles on the web in one place. Simply put, promoting great NFL writing is our goal, and we have been linking to your work often.

    Check us out and keep doing great work for NFL fans everywhere.

    Jason May


  • Joe Pacino posted 2605 days ago

    Joe Pacino

    If the Giants season went according to your predictions, they'd be like 2-14. Stop being such a hater and admit they're an awesome team. Nothing worse than bias reporting..sorry they beat your Packers last year but no need to hate this much.