My name is Kevin Trahan and I will be a freshman at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism this fall. Originially, I'm from Bettendorf, Iowa. I aspire to become a professional journalist and I have written for Bleacher Report since November 2008. I am a National College Football Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, as well as an Iowa Hawkeyes Football Featured Columnist.

I also write about Northwestern Sports for Scout.com. Check out my work at northwestern.scout.com (purplewildcats.com).

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  • Jimmy Phelps posted 3134 days ago

    Jimmy Phelps

    No reply, just what I would expect from someone with your obvious lack of journalism skills. It's like you know you were wrong and won't admit it, weird how I forgot more about college football than you will ever know.

  • Jimmy Phelps posted 3137 days ago

    Jimmy Phelps

    How about that article you wrote at the beginning of the college football season about how bad PSU is going to be, wow if I have never read a more wrong article in my life. I hate to say I told you so, but i will anyway. I TOLD YOU SO! My exact quote i believe was PSU's D could be scary good.

  • Chaz Erickson posted 3189 days ago

    Chaz Erickson

    After reading that article about how you used Rose's failures to bash LeBron....You are nothing short of a biased LeBron hater.

  • Austin Gydesen posted 3230 days ago

    Austin Gydesen

    You really love Iowa don't you???

  • Fabian Rodriguez posted 3292 days ago

    Fabian Rodriguez

    10 assist got bosh rolling with lay ups and dunks, got bibby a bunch of open looks, anthony and haslem open looks? Blocked shots, steals, he doesn't make his teamates better? Stick to college football you know nothing here bout these playoffs.

  • Steve Smith posted 3293 days ago

    Steve Smith

    Don't write another column again you dork!!

  • Steven Satterfield posted 3295 days ago

    Steven Satterfield

    That article on comparing James to Rose will ensure i never read an article by Kevin "dumbshit-stick to football" Trahan. Dont write on basketball for the rest of your short journalism career, or else it will never come to fruition for you. Writing on B/R doesnt make you a columnist

  • Bleacher Report posted 3323 days ago

    Bleacher  Report


  • Max James posted 3418 days ago

    Max James

    Your articles are pretty good, but like my bias for NU, you're going to need to work on your blatant bias for Iowa. Congrats on getting in to Northwestern. Best of luck to you.

  • Wade Koopman posted 3570 days ago

    Wade Koopman

    I am still mystified about the lack of Hawkeye wrestlers in the UFC. Any comments?