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I have a huge passion for sports. I believe sports is the moving art that we all admire, if not, at least respect. I have a B.A. in Professional Writing and an M.A. in English.

My main topics of interest is futbol aka soccer, in particular, FC Barcelona. I follow La Liga as well as il calcio Serie A, English Premier League, and the Bundesliga. I am also a huge basketball team. My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers. My team in baseball is the New York Yankees.

I also enjoy writing about how sports teaches us life lessons. Greatness can be achieved in sports and I believe it can be accomplished in our "ordinary" lives. It may not have the same fanfare but if we (the sports fan) put our accomplishments in the same perspective we put sports, we'd see the greatness and the beauty of our lives.

Proud of my Spanish and Ecuadorian background. Jo soc Culé! Ja arriba el moment!

I enjoy hearing from my readers, so please respectfully comment on any of my articles.

Xoel Càrdenas

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  • MMLALA Destroys posted 2565 days ago

    MMLALA Destroys

    I don't like how you disrespect Madrid and Ronaldo. You say there are a lot of bad Madrid fans our there, yes but there also some bad Barcelona fans, and you are one of them. don't get me wrong, your club has many quality fans such as Jazel, you seem to have turned your life into a hate thing for Real Madrid.

    And no, Ronaldo does not "suck", here is something to prove and I mean it, watch the whole damn thing. You can think Messi is better, or even Iniesta but the way you disrespect Ronaldo and Madrid is disgraceful. And you call yourself a fan.

    #Respect for your club, none for you

  • Amlan Roy posted 2581 days ago

    Amlan Roy

    Hey Xoel, I've heard that Barcalona are targetting Thiago Silva instead of Mats Hummels. Though this seems very unlikely since PSG are not going to let Silva go until a big sum of money is offered, but still I think barca are going too far to sign Silva. I dont think Barca should sign him. Mats Hummels is a much better option. He is young, talented, skilled and would cost Barca half as much as Thiago Silva. So, could you please leave a message to FCB authorities suggesting the signing of Hummels?

  • Mark Capital posted 2585 days ago

    Mark Capital

    Hey Xoel, can you write a detailed comprehensive article that talks about Barcelona in terms of its continued dominance of european football - its prospects of success now that other teams have caught up (esp. Bayern), and what we must do to continue to be head and shoulders above the other teams?

    Also, I've been curious about this for a time now: if Hummels, Neymar, and another goalkeeper (in lieu of Valdes) are all going to be signed by Barca this summer, does Barca have enough money for all of them at once? I think they'd all cost close to 100million. And if Barca does have the money, wouldn't they be penalized by the FIFA/UEFA financial fair play rules for spending too much?

    PS: I'm an avid B.R. Barca fan, and I'd really want to read Barca articles from you more than the others, but sometimes I get bummed coz I don't see your articles often. I'm sure many of the other Cules are also looking forward to your articles. Thanks! :)

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 2591 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Xoel: As usual, your articles are great. Your last article served as an inspiration to write a personal reflection on the second leg of the UCL between Barca and Munich,

  • Azz Atwal posted 2634 days ago

    Azz Atwal

    hi xoel its a bit off subject but could you write an article about marquinhos and how he could fit in at barcelona? thanks

  • MMLALA Destroys posted 2652 days ago

    MMLALA Destroys

    well if they gonna beat milan they have to hope that el shaarawy doesn't play like CR7

  • Suraj Rao posted 2654 days ago

    Suraj Rao

    Please consider my comments.
    I'm a barca fan. And I read your latest article and i truly believed that vilanova read your tweet about sending tello for the 2nd half against sevilla this past weekend. Now we al know about the disaster we faced against milan. some say that it was worst barca match in 5 years. it's a mountain to climb in the 2nd leg but it is still possible. i saw the match against sevilla and i saw david villa's performance. he gives barca the killer instinct that messi doesn't. messi is more tactical whereas villa is straight forward kind of guy. thats what we need to overcome the 2 clasicos and against milan. my suggestion is that use villa in central striker position, move messi to the right and use pedro as sub and use iniesta in the right wing of course. everybody trusts villa and he is right man for the job. Please, I somehow need you to convey this message to tito vilanova through your tweets. I know it sounds stupid. but i surely believe that this plan might work for Barca.
    Visca barca!!

  • Akshat Patni posted 2666 days ago

    Akshat Patni

    Hey man are you going to take the role of la liga writer now? Also, which do you think is a more likely possibility: Barca buying an experienced foreign CB (Hummels, Subotic, Luiz, etc.) or a cheaper one from la liga (Inigo Martinez, Ramalho, Victor Ruiz, or Aurtenexte who plays as a fullback but is even better as a center back)?

  • Will Scarlett posted 2760 days ago

    Will  Scarlett

    Hey Xoel, would you consider doing (or have you done?) an article comparing Peps Barca to Arsene's Invincibles?

  • Ronald Rodriguez posted 2773 days ago

    Ronald Rodriguez

    Great articles Xoel, I just want you to ask something indirectly in your next article to those Messi haters/Ronaldo supporters. If Messi is great because of Xavi and Iniesta, why Fabregas/Torres/Villa/Soldado playing in the same position and with Xavi, Iniesta and a better team than messi's barcelona, that being Spain of course, does not get even close to messi's level? Just imagine if messi was the spain striker...oh my god let's just dream about more comments or arguments about Ronaldo being close to messi... never!