Jersey boy born and raised!

Naturally, we don't have any major sports teams (outside of the Devils whom I despise) so I'm a New York fan through and through.

I'm a Yankees die-hard first and foremost, with baseball reigning supreme in my sporting world. I'm a proud supporter of the Knicks and Rangers, and then things get weird.

When it comes to football, I was brainwashed as a child into rooting for the Miami Dolphins... Needless to say, I get abused at Jets games. And I know, it's been a rough twenty some-odd years backing the 'Phins, but I stay true to my team.

As far as other sports go?

I enjoy golf, horse racing and futbol (or soccer as we call it in America).

Tiger Woods is still the man.

I can't stand NASCAR.

If you like sports and value a unique perspective on a wide variety of topics and issues, I encourage you to check-in often and see what I have to say.

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