Greg Sheehan

Greg Sheehan


I love to write about sports, I love to think about sports, I love my fantasy sports teams, and I love to play sports. I enjoy thinking about sports economics and its impact on society both in local areas and on the national and global stages. I like sports movies, sports radio, sports in Hi-Def, sports games on just about every system, and if I get a chance to write about sports, I'll do it.

I think that sporting leagues are the original, true reality television and "realty tv" needs to get a new name. I think that every college football rivalry deserves a cool nickname. I think that sports are a great distraction from life's weights, provide great memories and hope.

I believe Bob Ryan asked what life is like for people that aren't sports fans...and I can't imagine its as interesting as yours and mine is.

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  • Jeff Danziger posted 3330 days ago

    Jeff Danziger

    Everyday Michael Vick is close to his first regular season game since the dog-fighting charges. Is it time for Vick to be forgiven?

  • Adam Greuel posted 3434 days ago

    Adam Greuel

    Hi there,

    I have recently started my own project to rank the top 100 hockey players off all-time and just recently posted players 1-10. I would love to hear what you think about my list or for you to even post your own list in the comments section. Please, give it a read!

  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 3442 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Do you think Patrick Roy is ready to be an NHL head coach?

  • E A posted 3445 days ago

    E A


    We all know that David Ortiz is in the middle of a terrible slump, and it has caused many to jump the gun and exclaim that this slump means that Ortiz has taken performance enhancing drugs and/or that his career is over because of a bad month. I jump to the defense of Big Papi, explaining in detail how neither of those judgments are true. I put a lot of time into this, and would love to hear what you think.


  • Chris Ory posted 3448 days ago

    Chris Ory

    Hey man I have a new best ever Saints article for you to read.

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3448 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    I think the big thing is commenting and being engaging. If you notice, I have 1000 more comments than you...

    Writing articles that are read, and rated well are a big factor too.

  • Brian Hutchison posted 3448 days ago

    Brian  Hutchison

    We all know about Coach Belichick, but who are the other faces behind the Patriots coaching success?

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3449 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    Well, I'm an active duty Marine with absolute no potential of taking any kind of leave of absence... so no. Oh well. Someone deserving will get it.

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3449 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    Just a small note Greg, but I personally feel you should take that work and convert it into a standard article! I like slide shows, but when I'm reading something like your latest I would love to be able to just scroll up and see something else again rather than click click... I don't know.. personal preference I guess.

    Great article though! Are you trying for the CBS Sports gig?