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I'm a huge fan of several different sports, but I'm most active in my following of Basketball. I also live in the New York area, so I love the Knicks and Jets, but I'm still a die hard fan of the Phoenix Suns.

I'm new to sports writing, and I might be pretty young, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about. The only way to ever go from a good writer to a great writer is through experience, and that's exactly what Bleacher Report is giving me. B/R is a great website and I'm looking to use it as a way to gain some experience and feedback so I can hone my skills and become the best writer possible. Not only that, but I also get to reach a huge audience of fellow sports fans with my articles at the same time.

Shoot me a message anytime.

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  • Grumbla Whitestone posted 2058 days ago

    Grumbla  Whitestone

    can u comment on the dub knicks???? BULH BRAH BREG

  • James Baker posted 2311 days ago

    James Baker

    U werr trash 2daye lol

  • Alex Kroll posted 2471 days ago

    Alex Kroll

    No problem man. I love the Suns and you are the main guy who writes the good articles so I thought I would do a kindly gesture. Reason why I have not been on the Suns page as often as I usually am is because of football season. I will be on the Suns page more often when the season starts.

  • Alex Kroll posted 2473 days ago

    Alex Kroll

    Love your articles man. Keep up the good work and remember, GO SUNS!! #All4Orange

  • Nic Wilson posted 2494 days ago

    Nic  Wilson

    Hey I was just wondering. How old are you and how long have you been writing for Bleacher Report?

  • nate stephens posted 2600 days ago

    nate stephens

    do you think the suns can get eric gordon this offseason? If so, how, and can the suns build around him?

  • Mark Johnson posted 2619 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    Thanks anyways! Yeah I figured that's where Bennett would go, even with the shoulder injury. You're welcome to pick for a different team!

  • Mark Johnson posted 2619 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    I see that you're a big fan of the Suns, and I'd love if you could stop by a site that I work on and make the Suns' pick for them in our fan interactive mock draft! Thanks!

    Also, good to see another Lindsey Hunter fan out there lol

  • Nathan Petronzio posted 2620 days ago

    Nathan Petronzio

    You posted an article stating this July was in fact the expiration date for NBA's amnesty clause, adding what teams should amnesty what players "before it's too late". Yet I've read elsewhere that teams have until the summer of 2015 to utilize their amnesty case.

    I was looking for some clarification. Is your position correct? Will teams (who have yet to use their AC) have to utilize their AC this summer, or forfeit their amnesty rights?

  • James Bedell posted 2663 days ago

    James Bedell

    Ah, that makes much more sense! I was a little confused at first, but I looked over your edit and it looks good now. Definitely a great article, though. Thanks again!