Born and raised in Brick, NJ, I've been a sports junkie all my life.

I honed my writing at William Paterson University, where I received a B.A. in English Writing in 2011 and a M.A. in Professional Communication/Writing for Digital Media. At WPU, I was the sports editor of the college paper, called the Pioneer Times.

Since joining Bleacher Report in October 2011, I have become a Featured Columnist for both the New York Giants and the MLB, represented B/R MLB FCs in a conference call with ESPN's Karl Ravech, Barry Larkin, John Kruk and Curt Schilling and have become a paid member of B/R's Breaking News Team.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and you can also read me on HoopsHabit.com.

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  • Liam Knox posted 2435 days ago

    Liam Knox

    Not trying to sound like a jerk, but it's obvious you don't know anything about Football or should I say "Soccer". Who knows, maybe you're a good American Sport writer, but just stay away from the "Soccer" section for your own good...

  • Rap City posted 2540 days ago

    Rap City

    wow no one likes you. i suggest you follow Ian Lee's suggestion

  • Rap City posted 2540 days ago

    Rap City

    You need a new user name and account cause you just lost all your credibility

  • Karl posted 2541 days ago


    Hey Pete, your days here are numbered, my father wil make some cals and will fire your ass for that racist article. You have no knowledge about Canada and you will regret embarassing our team like that. Buy Peter!!

  • Justin Engelas posted 2541 days ago

    Justin Engelas

    By citing the fact that the Raptors are "a franchise that isn't even based in the United States" as one of the negative aspects of Rudy Gay's trade to Toronto, you demonstrated exactly the type of nationalistic ignorance typical of american sports fans (particularly in the NBA). Such narrow minded biased thinking contributes not only to the difficulties the Raptors have always faced as a franchise, but also restricts the growth of the NBA internationally. I have a hard time imagining US sports fans and journalists, and the players themselves, treating a European franchise any differently than they do the Raptors. When these international franchises cannot attract any top tier talent and constantly lose their best prospects to free agency because of bias perceptions within the league due to its non-US residency, the prospects of long term international success seem bleak. Such success is near impossible when teams can't attract/retain any quality talent and thus have to overpay for subpar players. Making things worse, these players get little to no respect or the benefit of a doubt by the referees, who have cost the Raptors 4 wins this year alone due to blown calls during the final possessions of a number of games (2 of which the NBA actually apologized for, not that it makes any difference). Unfortunately for Rudy Gay, this won't change until everyone involved in the league starts to focus less on where franchises are located, and just appreciate them for what they are - a basketball team in the greatest league on earth... the only thing that matters.

  • Charles Ramsey posted 2541 days ago

    Charles Ramsey

    Absolute horrible writer.. NOT RECOMMENDED. Please dont quit your day job... writing is not meant for you.

    And on top of that, you are a typical pro-American loser.
    Absolutely HORRIBLE writer you are.

  • Josh posted 2541 days ago


    Stop writing about sports you don't know shit about and focus on something you actually know.

  • Mike Mattes posted 2546 days ago

    Mike Mattes

    No problem, Pete. That's what I'm here for.

  • uchiha tch5 posted 2547 days ago

    uchiha tch5

    please stop your harassment towards De gea. Your articles is rubbish, just like you. if you feel good enough why dont you play a be a keeper, play againts tottenham and make the wonder save.

  • Alex Skillin posted 2556 days ago

    Alex Skillin

    No problem man, these things happen. The piece was great overall!