troy testa

troy testa


University of Oklahoma - Bachelor of Arts and Sciences - Broadcast Journalism.
Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas
ESPN Radio 103.3 - Intern
Columnist -
Sports Reporter - Oklahoma Daily
WBAP - Radio - Intern
Fox 4 - TV - Intern
OU Soccer Team - Sweeper
Campus Fight Night Champ - 155 lbs.
President's Scholarship (ATO)

Bulletin Board

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  • james lee posted 3544 days ago

    james lee

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  • Daniel K posted 4151 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hi troy, how are you?

    Hoping you view my newest article thus far:

    Its different from an everyday Bleacher article...but I hope you enjoy if you get the chance!

  • Dayne Duranti posted 4159 days ago

    Dayne Duranti

    So it is official, bleacher report does not give any press to my articles. They get buried on the bottom of the page and get no reads. Yet less opinionated and watered down articles get the front page. Oh well, check my latest out anyway.

  • Dayne Duranti posted 4179 days ago

    Dayne Duranti

  • Dayne Duranti posted 4213 days ago

    Dayne Duranti

    Oh Tiger....

  • Dayne Duranti posted 4217 days ago

    Dayne Duranti

    I'm back.


  • Akash A posted 4227 days ago

    Akash A

    I wrote this article a while ago, but I feel that fans (including myself) are craving for some football.

    Check out the 09-10 regular season preview:

    I would love for you to comment!

    Akash (New England Sports Online)

  • Dayne Duranti posted 4229 days ago

    Dayne Duranti

    The one, the only....John Daly!

  • Dayne Duranti posted 4232 days ago

    Dayne Duranti

    Lets have some fun with the newly reformed dog-lover and soon to be NFL player again.

  • Dayne Duranti posted 4241 days ago

    Dayne Duranti

    Something is fishy around here. Check out my profile. I wrote a blurb in there because if I wrote an article B/R would have buried it.