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Had a blast writing for B/R from 2009-2012. Currently studying to become a pastor/church planter. Writing about ministry, church, and missions at

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  • David Cain posted 2069 days ago

    David Cain

    I bet you feel ridiculous now ranking the South Carolina job as the second worst in College Football and predicting Spurrier would resign at the end of the 2010 season! It is your Volunteers that have fallen to the bottom.

  • Charles Summers posted 2629 days ago

    Charles Summers

    Hello Joel, I am new to the bleacher report and have been a life long VOL fan. I am sure you know how to start a new thread or article inside of the UT site. I however do not. Could you start one on Hatcher's de-commit. He had been interested in TN once. Maybe generate some interest???

  • Sherrie G posted 3138 days ago

    Sherrie G

    When the Vols enter the field on Saturday, so will my heart along with every other fan’s in, around or nowhere near Neyland Stadium. Because we are Tennessee. We are a family of Volunteers, bound and bred by a tenacious spirit that doesn’t live and die by wins and losses – but an invisible tie that binds us to the greatest love in college football. University of Tennessee football. ♥

  • jennifer teamah posted 3186 days ago

    jennifer teamah


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  • Ryan Wooden posted 3373 days ago

    Ryan Wooden

    Great news, as of right now I have Devrin Young scheduled to be a guest on the show.

  • Michael Ellis posted 3382 days ago

    Michael Ellis

    Joel, do you know who the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was against for the Vols at the end of regulation and what it was for? I thought it was for Gerald Williams removing his helmet but a local reporter wrote in his column "today" that it was after the referee said the game was over and even after Dooley and Davis had shaken hands that Williams was assessed the penalty for removing his helmet. Can this be so? A friend of mine said he thought it was for roughing the place kicker. Just wondered if you definitively knew. Thanks.

  • Gage Arnold posted 3489 days ago

    Gage  Arnold

    Hey Joel! Just finished up the most recent article on this weeks best players. Would love to have your input on it. Hope you like it!

  • Steven Resnick posted 3491 days ago

    Steven Resnick

  • lonnie swanson posted 3493 days ago

    lonnie swanson

    Wow, what a game huh? I was scared there for about 1 quarter. I really wanna give it up to Tennessee for playing there hearts out. I think that if the Vols play the rest of the season the way they did in this game, they could with 8 or 9 games and that would be a real boost of confidence for next season. - I will be honest with you. When they pulled out to a 13-3 lead, I was saying how is that possible. I dont wanna make that sound like an arrogant thing, but as you stated before in your live game post, Oregon is a true top 5 team. I really hope the Ducks get that recognition. Tennessee will do real well in the future under Dooley. As you know, he is dealing with a really young team so there is tons of room to only get better. Yes, I know Cal came in a couple years ago and got tatered, but i will tell you something, it seems like every year Cal gets ranked super high, they are always overrated. Oregon was returning almost everyone from last years squad who went and played in the Rose Bowl. There preseason ranking was true. If Masoli wouldnt have screwed up, they would have been ranked higher. My point is, Tennessee didnt have much of a chance in the game in the first place. I know you knew that. So this cant be much of a disappointment to you and other Vols fans. The Vols hung in there as long as they were capable of doing, and then talent took over. I truly wanna say that it was an awesome experience watching the Ducks play in Knoxville. I only seen it on the tv, but Oregon doesnt seem to get a chance to play teams with such heritage and tradition. Ya, USC has alot of tradition, but its crooked, lol! So once again, thanks for the experience. Next year, the Vols will get to experience the noise of Autzen. If you look up the loudest stadiums in college football up on google search, they will tell you the top ten. I know that Vols fans are die hard, but I have to always ask this, how can a stadium that cant crack 60,000 people (to my knowledge), make just as much noise as 80,000 to 100,000+ people?. Thats cause us Duck fans are mad-loud. A columnist wrote 7ish years ago "Autzen Stadium is where great teams come to die". We will lay out a welcome rug for you guys when you come here next year. After all, you guys gave us a lightning storm, lol. Good luck the rest of the year. Lonnie

  • Gage Arnold posted 3495 days ago

    Gage  Arnold

    Hey Joel! I'd love if you could check out my article. Just trying to get some exposure on it and get some opinions on it. Appreciate it brother! Have a great day!