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Stephen Sonneveld is a recipient of the Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival Outstanding Playwright Award, Warner Bros. Short Romantic Story Competition, had screenplays advance at the Austin Heart of Screenwriting Film Festival, was a finalist in the New York Television Festival ION First Act Competition, among regional and collegiate awards. He freelanced for MAD Magazine and currently freelances for Kappa Publishing Group, home of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the Wrestler/Inside Wrestling.

Sonneveld founded Puglish Books in 2007 to publish children's books that cut a deeper nerve than what he was seeing in the marketplace. The inaugural publication, PANDORA'S LUNCHBOX (created with Andrew Krzak), focused on the effects of childhood bullying. Blogcritics Magazine hailed, "Unlike other books on the same subject, Sonneveld and Krzak open us up to the harsh reality of bullying," and called the book, "pure emotion."

Puglish Books:

In 2014, Comixology published Sonneveld's detective comic strip GREYE OF SCOTLAND YARD, which Bleeding Cool stated it "plays out like five episodes of a really good British police drama, Luther especially comes to mind..." and that the "tremendously fulfilling read" is on par with the James Bond and Modesty Blaise properties.

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  • Glen Danquah posted 1736 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    No problem, Stephen! I'm glad I could help out.

  • Richard Bernard posted 1855 days ago

    Richard Bernard

    I just finished reading your article "Ferguson, Missouri, the Washington Redskins and the Out-of-Touch NFL" and would like to point out that you are getting on the bandwagon about what the nickname “Redskins” mean. You are saying that the term is derogatory because it refers to the scalps of Native Americans (because few others say the same thing)...but how can you send a scalp to purgatory? Read the advertisement again and the word/term "red-skin" is referring to "Indian" and not the scalp (the genocide of N.A. or any person is wrong in all sort of ways). If you want to say the term is derogatory because you want to side with the Native Americans that don’t like the term…that’s fine. But let’s not say “Redskins” refers to scalps when Native Americans of the “RED-TRIBES” state it is a source of pride for them. Nowhere in American writing has the term Redskin been used in a disparaging way…if so, please provide the article.

  • Michael Ponce posted 1989 days ago

    Michael Ponce

    No problem, Stephen! Let me know if you ever have any questions and I'll do my best to help out or give you a second pair of eyes.

  • Australian posted 2057 days ago


    Reading your most recent article. The word you are looking for is 'negotiations' not 'negations'. Please proofread your work.

  • Linda Onn posted 2091 days ago

    Linda Onn

    you one of my favourite writers! Merry Christmas to you too!


  • Euclid posted 2166 days ago


    I have signed up to what is quickly becoming a waste of a site to post this single comment. I visit this site to read about sports. I do not care for whatever your or any other writer on this sites political agenda is, and personally I cant stand when it is shoved down my throat with every article that I read. You are a sports write (supposedly) so why not act like one and write about sports. If you want to keep writing about politics write for msn or ny times.

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2314 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    You are welcome man. It was such a well researched article.

  • Travis Taylor posted 2326 days ago

    Travis Taylor

    No problem. It was one hell of an article. One of the best I've ever read.

  • Chinmay posted 2330 days ago


    Read your article on Trade unions in wrestling. I have myself been interested in psychological side of wrestling. It was very satisfying to see the way you addressed the aspect.

    I just had one request. I am writing a piece of the union. Is it okay with you if I cite you in my work?

  • Ryan L posted 2347 days ago

    Ryan  L

    I will say thanks. Its nice to see the Incredible Hulk as well. :)