Fester Bestertester

Fester Bestertester


A long-time Steeler fan (back even before the Immaculate Reception!) I enjoy reasoned debates on sports topics and prefer to see opinions backed by logic and facts rather than hype and unsupported opinion. I enjoy good writing, and try to see both sides of every issue. I am an avowed Steeler fan, but recognize that my favorite teams and players are not without their flaws, and from time to time I will criticize Steeler players or management, but only because I want them to do better rather than out of disloyalty or malice. Being a fan doesn't mean blind, uncritical support.

I am a fan of teams in other sports, but here on Bleacher Report I tend to stick to reading and discussing the NFL and the Steelers. I have written a number of articles here under other handles, but I have found that recently (2011 onwards) there are so many articles and pseudo-articles published that there tends to be little debate, and comment streams drop off before things get truly interesting. When I write (or merely comment on the writings of others) I want to engender discussion, not just blather on with opinions. I seek out writers and commentators who have a similar mind-set.

If my comments disagree with an article or another comment, the fact that I have responded reflects my feelings that I am responding to someone intelligent with something to say. I may disagree with you, but if I put it in writing it's generally from a feeling of respect. Hopefully mutually. I try not to "go negative" but appreciate your letting me know if I stray down that road in my comments. No insult is ever intended.

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