Jhony Gutierrez

Jhony Gutierrez


Still slightly traumatized by the the introduction of the vuvuzela, not just into the world of sports, but ultimately into the spectrum of sound.

I don't understand, nor agree with rules such as "ineligible men down field" or "illegal formation." No amount of explanations are necessary, as I've come to ultimately discern through the power of common sense, that neither of these rules would have any effect on the outcome the game given the balance of 11 vs 11 men on the field, and as such, these rules are unnecessary, ludicrous and repressive.

My strengths are no-look passes, ankle-breaking cross-overs, hyphenated words, and a resilient inability to waver in the face of decade-long (see, I told you) winning droughts by any of my teams.

I'm also a devout french fry connoisseur and lover of the written word in any capacity, not just sports.

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  • James Stanton posted 2782 days ago

    James Stanton

    Oh snap, you like the Chicago Bulls too?! That's awesome dude. It's give and take though since you like the Lakers and the Wolverines, two teams I despise lol. But thanks for the praise earlier and good luck to as a write on B/R!