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I grew up on south side of Chicago and attended the University of Illinois where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Math. I then moved to Los Angeles to get my Master's Degree from the University of Southern California's Film School. I like to write about the correlations between sports and society - how they interact and influence each other.

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  • Robb Francetich posted 2879 days ago

    Robb Francetich

    App State is I-AA now FCS Division not Division II. Opps someone already corrected you. they beat Michigan - remember.

    Also, your comments on Don Read game planning for the Beavers does not add to your list, it looked foolish.

    You can do better, seriously.

  • Ben E. Beaver posted 3025 days ago

    Ben E. Beaver


    Try finding a photo more recent than 2004, next time.

  • Woody Roo posted 3114 days ago

    Woody Roo

    If you are going to be a sports writer I would recommend that you at least learn the name of each division within NCAA Football and what schools are currently in each division. Appalachian State is currently FCS and won 3 straight NCAA Div.I Football Championships. In case some of the BCS fans are wondering, NO your schools have never won a NCAA Div. I Football Championship. Why? Because in FCS there is a playoff system which makes for an outright undisputed champion. In the BCS the media decides the champion which the NCAA doesn't recognize. But with all the money that comes with the BCS Championship I wouldn't care about that little omission either.

  • Amber Lee posted 3183 days ago

    Amber Lee

    I can't believe you think Tiger Woods in a nerd...

  • Scott Feldman posted 3198 days ago

    Scott Feldman


  • tim fields posted 3199 days ago

    tim fields

    Payne Stewart did NOT win at Olympic in 98. He won at Pinehurst the following year

  • David Jenkins posted 3206 days ago

    David Jenkins

    Texas Tech a pretender, TCU a contender, man your an idiot...U realize TTU had 17 starters out for the season by the end of the year right. Blog writters, what u gonna do about it

  • David Jenkins posted 3206 days ago

    David Jenkins

    Texas Tech a pretender, TCU a contender, man your an idiot

  • David R posted 3210 days ago

    David R

    Appalachian St. is an FCS (I-AA school). Not DII. How does one become a sports writer and not know this?

  • Carl Dyer posted 3210 days ago

    Carl Dyer

    FYI, you might want review your facts and knowledge of the NCAA football divisions. Three (3) teams you refer to as DII are not. Appalachian State University (Jerry Moore), The Citadel and Jacksonville (Jack Crow) are Division I Schools - Championship Subdivision.