Seattle Lion Fan

Seattle Lion Fan


As if anyone reads these bios...but Bleacher Report, in their Draconian ways, have decided after nearly 5 years of me subitting articles that I'm no longer "good enough."

To say that I am deeply offended by this, after such a long time, is an understatement. But then again, those that know me and what I belive, know that I don't write to seek numbers nor did I ever want to be paid to write for Bleacher Report...I am and always will be, an avid Detroit Lions fan...which is how I wanted to present myself when I did write.

Bleacher Report needs to seek new grounds instead of following the same old tired styles that are prevelant throughout the sports blogosphere....and when they first started this site, they had it. I liken it to a new radio station playing songs rarely heard on the air & minimal advertising to entice listeners...but eventually, greed overtakes creativity which is what happenend here.

I won't be re-applying for "privligaes" to write for the Bleacher Report...but I do hope to be able to write somewhere in this vast electronic lands of blogs.

Take care everyone!

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  • Ken Hoehn posted 1468 days ago

    Ken  Hoehn

    SLF. I too miss the old BR. I hope you and yours are doing well. Have you found a new home worth sharing in the blog-o-sphere? Recently I have spotted Blue-in Greer on some of the MLive Lions comments. Thank God for that. Most of those "fans" are what I refer to as SOF. Same Old Fans....

  • Ryan Campbell posted 2636 days ago

    Ryan Campbell

    Enjoy your articles and like your viewpoint listed in your about section. I'm a Lions fan living in Texas, so I share your predicament (although I'll never conform to be a psuedo Cowboys fan; feels too much like making a deal with the devil). Anyone who can be miles and miles away from home yet remain loyal is a standup guy in my book!

  • Robyn Clark posted 2637 days ago

    Robyn Clark

    SLF, we have a group of die hard Lions fans that come to our sports bar (Just Left Pub) every game day in Lynnwood, and they are looking to increase their group with more fun die hard Detroit fans! Do you know of any other Lions fans that would like to join the crowd here?? You can reach us @ justleftpub@

  • Tim Runkle posted 2678 days ago

    Tim Runkle

    Not sure if you are looking for anything to write about... but I would love to hear some comments on the lions kicker controversy. After all Rayner is good but Hanson is.. well Hanson! Can Rayner pull punter duty? Can we really keep two kickers AND a punter?

  • AZ LIONS 2 Fan posted 2762 days ago

    AZ LIONS 2 Fan

    Not bad, you made the 100 post club...I am really happy to stir the faithful and be of service to you. Your a great guy and deserve everything you can get. Congrats Bro...looking for your next article.

  • Brenda Summers posted 2828 days ago

    Brenda Summers

    Thank you, Seattle. You're the best!

  • jeremy batista posted 2876 days ago

    jeremy batista

    They are alot of things he could have done

  • John Farrier posted 2917 days ago

    John Farrier

    Let the mocking begin!


  • Greg Eno posted 2936 days ago

    Greg Eno

    Check out my latest....

  • Ali Hammoud posted 3019 days ago

    Ali Hammoud

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