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My life is ordinary probably not interesting to anyone

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  • Chubby1 posted 2101 days ago


    Gators :)

  • Alec L posted 2112 days ago

    Alec L

    Haha don't sweat it, you were right about my post. Best of luck to Bama tomorrow. Go Irish!

  • Alec L posted 2113 days ago

    Alec L

    In trying to edit my poorly written comment, I accidentally deleted it. In case you didn't see, you were right in saying that my post was poorly articulated. My only excuse is that I was watching TV while writing the post so I didn't really read it after I was done writing. I also have the tendency to omit words from sentences I form in my head from what I've actually written down. My bad. Funny part is that I did high school speech and debate and I'm currently on my college's speech team. With your comment being that I should never join a college debate team, doesn't it make more sense to actually join one if I seem that inarticulate? So that I can learn how to be well-versed and improve as such? Seems really condescending on your part but whatever. I hope I've won your approval. Warning (I guess I should put this first): I did not proofread this comment. Good night.

    Also, in my experience with college speech and debate, people are generally nice and will write critiques in order to show what you need to improve, not laugh you off the stage. I'm a bit offended that you would depict the speech and debate community as a pack of ravenous wolves rather than a group of understanding people who only want to see participants improve.

  • Michael Felder posted 2132 days ago

    Michael Felder

    Ha, thanks for the kind words my man.

  • Buckeye-KuhnDog posted 2133 days ago


    How can you be a fan of Alabama and Auburn and LSU is there not a conflict here somewhere. SOUND LIKE A HUGE FAIR WEATHER FAN TO ME. PICK A TEAM FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathaniel Wallace posted 2171 days ago

    Nathaniel  Wallace

    Spot on Lionel, don't let AB bully you into saying you have no values. An ascription to fundamentalist Christianity does not inherently equate to "good values" as I guess Mr. Murphy is implying. In fact, it often blinds us to the ability to think freely and reason due to the absolutist nature of the dogma the Chizik's, Richt's, and countless others ascribe to without many times even knowing why? The answer to that is because if one is convinced by their family and society that the consequences of not merely submitting to fundamentalist dogma without questioning or thinking freely, is certain eternal damnation to a hell of perpetual fire and anguish than I may simply submit myself. That is pretty scary, and usually always the tool used by the religious leaders in power, to squash any authentic free thought or discussion that is not premised by an ascription to a literal and small-minded interpretation of scripture. There is nothing inherently wrong about having dreadlocks; they can be a positive for young black men in reconnecting with their cultural heritage and as a result a sense of empowerment. No doubt, many in society are scared by them as a symbol of "thug life", "gangs", and "crime"; but that is why we need more enlightened young men like Ricky Williams, Atari Bigby, Charles Tillman, and Larry Fitzgerald to show that it is biased and prejudiced thinking to juxtapose that dreadlocks inherently imply a connection to criminal activity. Sadly, we have a long way to go in conquering those fears held by many, but the way we do conquer fears is not by everyone conforming to act and look like Gene Chizik and Mark Richt, but to become the best manifestation of your true self instead. That means showing the world that wearing dreadlocks, and other forms of cultural expression, are not inherently related to criminal or subversive behavior, but part of an authentic and enlightened construct of self. I am a person of faith, but my faith never compels me to ascribe a sense of moral superiority to my personal conceptualization of morality over someone else's. As long as you believe in human decency, hard work, self respect and respect for others, empathy, and love for one another as yourself (the golden rule); we all will have a much better world. A world that is built on respect and mutual understanding; and not based on fear, bias, and prejudice of others, based on stereotypes and caricatures that are deemed threatening to some or even a majority of people in many instances...

  • Crimson Crazy posted 2198 days ago

    Crimson Crazy

    Larry is just one of many good/great writers that have been driven off of this site by the politically correct over-sensitive bunch at Bleacher Report. They pay nothing, but they expect everything! They suspend and punish with the same equity shown by the NCAA when they hand down their judgements. All you have to do to get rid of any writer that is rubbing you wrong is just keep hitting the flag button and eventually POOF! they will just go away...

  • Michael Felder posted 2208 days ago

    Michael Felder

    I appreciate the kind words my dude.

  • Zachary Arthur posted 2209 days ago

    Zachary Arthur

    I really appreciate the quick response on my article. I read the schedule wrong and it messed up a majority of my article so that's on me, but thank you again. I do really appreciate it.

  • Jake Martin posted 2210 days ago

    Jake Martin

    I really appreciate that Lionel. Thanks for reading my stories!