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I'm a second year student at the University of California, Berkeley. I'm currently a Media Studies major and am a MLB Featured Columnist here at Bleacher Report. In addition to that, I'm a contributor to Cal's weekly sports radio show, Bear Talk, and a broadcaster for Cal football, basketball, and baseball, all on KALX 90.7 FM. I will shamelessly talk about or plug my high school whenever I can, the one and only Long Beach Poly High School: Home of Scholars and Champions.

And yes, I know my team preferences seem random, but trust me, there's a reason behind each of them.

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  • Aaron Lerman posted 3221 days ago

    Aaron Lerman

    Gretzky > Orr

  • Syed Ahmed posted 3234 days ago

    Syed Ahmed

    Nice last 4 letters of you last name. LOOOOL

  • B F posted 3270 days ago

    B F

    Couple of errors in your Big Game article:

    1) Jim Plunkett was NOT 2-2 in Big Games. He only played in 3.

    2) The Play would never have happened if the game were played today. Review would have revealed that the third latteral player was down (see replay -- his knee is down with the ball in his hand) and one of the latterals was an illegal forward pass. Further, delay of game should have been called due to the Cal players and fans on the field, as it was on Stanford the previous play (Elway's touchdown). The touchdown would have been called back and game over. The announcers of the 25th aniversary game confirmed this during their coverage.

    I attended all 4 games above.

    B F