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  • Lex Luthor posted 2609 days ago

    Lex Luthor

    "You are as evil as the man you are pretending to be." That cracked me up lol ^^.
    I'm not saying that you're french based on where u were billed from in the WWE, which was kayfabe, but based on your comments on this website.

    If you look at what you've written lately, a lot of it is in the style of "in France we say that" or "Us French say this". Now maybe you're still playing a gimmick on B/R, which doesn't make much sense since this site isn't and mainly strives at analyzing gimmicks and behind the scene reports.
    So I just assumed u were french or at least were fluent in that language, because I had never heard of you before now. I don't mean that to be offensive, but I simply didn't watch wrestling when u were with the WWE.

    As to you being dyslexic, I guess that's a good excuse, but if people don't know this fact about you you might come across as a phony always referring to himself as french but making basic mistakes all the time.

  • Lex Luthor posted 2610 days ago

    Lex Luthor

    Dude stop pretending if u were really french you wouldn't make all those basic french mistakes. You just sound as if you copy and paste stuff in google translate, which you probably do.

  • Maria Cane posted 2667 days ago

    Maria Cane

    WWE's Special MC Report: Life After Attitude Era: Tragedy and Struggle Part I Bleacher Report

  • cena sucks 2 posted 2751 days ago

    cena sucks 2

    He already broke Cena's walls.