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  • Anna Omega posted 1101 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Should BR go down again, killing the comment section once and for all and eventually forcing FB on all of us... I set up a temporary basic HQ at GamerLaunch - actually a site for gaming clans / guilds. It's not all that pretty but it offers forums and chat, and most of all, it's free which makes it work for the time being.

    If you want to stay in contact with some of the "prominent" (haha) people from the BR WWE Comment Section, come around. We might eventually find a permanent new common home too.

  • Mohammad Ali posted 1118 days ago

    Mohammad Ali

    Hope you had a good holidays Dave!

  • The Future Is Now posted 1124 days ago

    The Future Is Now

    Hi Dave, hope you had a good Christmas, I've been hit with that stupid van/glitch on my other account. I had a good 2 year run lol.. who's your pick for the rumble ? Seems like anyone could win it at this rate lol.

  • Doctor Cube posted 1127 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey Dave, merry Christmas brother! I assume your wife got you a nice selection of good European beers for Christmas, if so, enjoy those my friend. Have a good one.

  • Sassy Pages posted 1134 days ago

    Sassy Pages

    Well hello Davey Jones, missed moi? It's so foreign to me hearing people say they "make" money... I guess I don't think about "making" since I have it :/ lol. Kidding of course, well not really, but how long again do you have for your MD? (lol). Yeah haha, I said the same to grad school, but recently I decided to do mine, just so I could add it at the end of my name lol. The only issue is deciding what I want to do, I am considering doing Business/Management as I am planning to start my own business soon. I guess I can give you a job... hehe, make you my slave :)

    Survivor Series was great, I had a blast at the event but like Ambrose 3:16, the main event was utter garbage, though it did shock us all. I wonder how they will go about the next contest, I hope neither wins the Rumble lol. Haha, sometimes Hollywood also uses their head and avoids the gorgeous people, else viewers will ignore the movie haha. Did you see Rogue One? I have seen it three times already lol. It was awesome. Felicity Jones is pretty cute.

    Sorry, I probably had no slave about to use google for me that day. My bad. But Amedikans are usually wrong anyway.

    Sasha winning the title is the worst thing to happen, but on that topic, lets talk about a REAL Women's champion. A real Woman. AND THE WOMAN!!! Let us apply some Mattitude! Alexa Bliss is awesome and one of my favorite wrestlers. I am in Bliss!!

    Yes, we have had a PPV every 2 weeks now. Its quite frustrating. I think they rushed them just to give each brand an identity before Wrestlemania. I hope they ease up on that next year. I have been so frustrated with the product. It's like you get 20% of something you like and 80 of nonsense. Mr. Cube has been helping me find my wrestle mojo again, hopefully he can anyway.

    TLC was depressing. Why does Orton's pants never rip? It was pretty great. I think the Wyatt Family has the best angle going forward and I wish it stays that way a little longer. We need some new angles and new challengers for the titles now. Harper gave us something new by going after AJ Styles. See, that's what we need. Back in the day, if two guys feuded for months, some guy in the back would come out and talk about how they kept getting chances, and now he wants a chance, and that would lead to a feud. While they stress the fact that people have to earn their titles with 500 number one contender matches a month, why not let new guys step in too. We know Ziggler is there to job, how about trying someone new. Like say Apollo Crews. Yeah he lacks a lot, but this could actually help him. He loses, but let him put on a good show vs. Styles. Just being in the ring with Styles is enough to get fans buzzing about him again...but ha, we can all dream.

    Who do you think will win the Rumble?

  • Doctor Cube posted 1135 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey Dave, I tried to reply to you earlier in the week, but apparently it didn't work. Anyway, thanks for the recipe, I'll be sure to ry it as soon as I can. I had to make sure that I could find everything here to make it. I didn't even know what nutmeg was, I thought maybe it was some nut that you can only find on the other side of the Atlantic. I'll probably try to make some with my brother during the holidays, he loves that kind of stuff.

    Bad news man, it looks like the Stone IPA is not available anymore around here. The store that was selling it has apparently stopped, and I couldn't get a reason why. I went to a store from the same brand and same result. I was pissed, I was telling everybody about it, I had so many people ready to taste it, I was already planning to spend my whole summer drinking Stone, that really sucks. And the worst part is you'll never guess what they've put in its place: juice boxes. Right in the middle of the beer section, fuc**** juice boxes, I was livid. But at least they still sell the Arrogant Bastard Bourbon Barrel, and I must admit that you can ten tell it was really well crafted, but I didn't enjoy it s much as I hoped. You can really feel the bourbon flavours in it, and that's kind of my problem, because while I like whisky infused beers, bourbon infused might be too much for me, but I didn't know it before trying this one. It's a good beer, but it's not for me, but I certainly hope I get to try their other beers one of these days.

    I got to try a couple of good beers lately. Not czech ones, as the store I was planning to go to seemed to be close for a few weeks, but I tried some Italian ones. There's apparently a big craft beer boom in Italy, and they're quickly rising through the ranks of the top beer countries in Europe. There's this brewery called Birrificio Independente Elav, that I got to try a couple of beers from, and everything was really good. They're mostly doing IPA style beers, but each one I tried had something a bit different. My favourite one was one (I can't remember the name, I know it's the one with a pink-ish label) that had a strong citrus flavour and turned out to be the most enjoyable beer I've had in a while, since the Stone actually. I also tried a beer called the Naparbier Sunset Session, which is from Spain, and it was kind of in the same vein as the Birrificio, but not as easy to drink. I don't know if you'll be able to find any of those, but if so, I warmly recommend them.

    I hear you about Riddle, he's the kind of guy that you only need to watch once to get hooked, which is exactly how it happened to me. The most incredible thing about this guy is that he's in his rookie year. I've read that he's been training in wrestling for a while, but it's his first year performing in front of live crowds and he's already awesome. The thing that impresses me the most is that he's completely integrated his MMA background into his wrestling, to a point that very little wrestlers did, while still keeping the storytelling aspect intact. I remember a match he had in EVOLVE against Timothy Thatcher (also a fantastic wrestler), where they spent the first five minutes of the match just grappling on the ground MMA style. That looked like a real shoot wrestling match for a while, I personally was wondering if they prepared that or just decided to shoot that part of the match and went with it. Anyway, it was really something you don't see often in a wrestling ring, and that's the kind of stuff Riddle brings to the table that clearly set him apart.

    So, are you excited about Roadblock? I'm kind of meh about it, especially if it's to watch Roman become champ again. I'm kind of getting tired of he number of PPVs WWE has now with the draft. They're coming out so fast these days, there's not enough breathing room to me, not enough time between PPVs to get excited for the next one. That said after this one, it'll only be the Rumble, that's reason enough to get excited.

  • New Day GOAT posted 1138 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    • Predictions for Roadblock: End of the Line

    - Swann retains Cruiserweight title over Kendrick and Perkins in a triple threat match
    - Zayn vs Strowman ends in a draw because they go over the time limit
    - Big Cass over Rusev
    - Cesaro and Sheamus defeats New Day to become the new Raw tag team champions
    - Sasha defeats Charlotte 2-1 in 30 minute ironwoman match for the Raw women's title
    - Rollins over Jericho
    - Owens retains Universial title over Reigns

    What are your predictions?

  • Doctor Cube posted 1143 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Haha! I knew you'd enjoy it buddy, and honestly how could you not, this show was awesome from top to bottom. I agree with everything you said. Cody Rhodes' debut was one of my favourite moments of the year. I've always liked Cody and when I learned he was a PWG fan, I couldn't wait to see him there. But, I was thinking that his list could be seen as pandering by part of the indie crowd who could have turned on him, and not give him a proper chance for that. I'm glad I couldn't have been more wrong on that one. Even in TNA and ROH he got cheered like crazy, it makes you wonder why WWE never tried him as a babyface.

    So you liked the two Ospreay vs Ricochet this year? Then how about a third? This one happened at EVOLVE 59 during WM weekend, even before they faced each other in New Japan. It's funny because this iPPV happened at the same time that some NXT tapings where recorded right across the street, and I remember that on some NXT shows from back then, you could actually here the EVOLVE crowd cheering in the distance. And I beileve they were cheering for this awesome match. It was the main event of the show, so you can skip right ahead:

    All of Ricochet's matches this weekend were incredible, I think the amount of wrestlers that can say they could keep up with him all year long with his ring work are barely a handful. And that Shooting Star Meltzer Driver with Sydal just blew my mind, I had to rewatch it like 3 times in a row, spot of the year for me without a doubt. Although, Fenix's moonsault from Pentagon's shoulders was just as insane.

    What did you think about Jeff Cobb, the guy who plays Matanza Cueto? I don't know if I told yo this, but I think the announcers spoke about it, that he's a former amateur wrestler, who even made it to the Olympics, so I thought you'd like the guy haha. I loved the moment where Matt Riddle and him did a series of sit-outs and the crowd went nuts for it. By the way, keep an eye on former MMA fighter Matt Riddle, that guy is going to be huge one day.

    Also, I forgot to ask, I would love to get your egg nog recipe. Egg nog is a drink I've always wanted to try, but my friend who lived in Los Angeles told me that people have so many different recipes that you can find some great egg nogs and some really shi*** ones. He told me he tried a really great one at a party and asked for the recipe, that the guy who made it wrote him on a piece of paper, but he ended up losing the paper and was to drunk to remember the recipe. So, if you had a good one I'm all ears, and I'll probably try to make a batch by the end of the year.

  • Anna Omega posted 1148 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Hey ya Daveyboy! Sweet Mama Omega is doing fine, that is, as far as becoming a mama goes. Having some trouble with a cold this weekend. Ugh, I just hate being sick. But at least that gives me an excuse not to work tomorrow and watch TLC tonight. It still totally sucks that WWE PPVs are always on Sundays, that means a starting time of 2am Monday morning for me. But with that stupid cold, I can't sleep well anyway.

    I'm about 5 months in now. Due date is just a week before Wrestlemania, I hope the lil' sh*t doesn't ruin it for me. :P But one thing after the other, tonight is TLC. Smackdown PPV means it has to be good. No Raw crap, no Charlotte. No KO too, which is a shame, but you can't have everything. I'm looking forward to Alexa vs Becky, a bunch of RKOs and hopefully a swerve in the Dean vs AJ match. There's gotta be something special about it, because if not, it would just be more of the same, and that would be meh.

    So have fun with TLC, I'll probably get some sleep in advance. And get chocolate ready. And herbal tea. And lots of tissues for my always-running nose (seems like my nose listened to Bray Wyatt... "Run!"). ;D

  • Doctor Cube posted 1151 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey Dave. Well I guess U have no choice than to try the Arrogant Bastard now, seeing how warmly you recommend it. I'm supposed to have beers with my brother this weekend so that'd be the perfect occasion. It's cool that they're beer snubs and own it. Most brands of micro brews here usually consider themselves beer experts while still pandering to the lowest common denominator. Like with the trend of the IPAs in France, there are several microbrews that do exactly the same recipe of IPAs, without bringing anything new to the table, but are still going to sell it like a great beer that rivals the best West Coast ones, while being more expensive. People shouldn't sell their product as something unique when it doesn't take a genius to find out that it's the exact same as the neighbour.

    I haven't had a good beer drinking session in a while, apart from the time I tried the Stone IPA, but it hardly count as a beer tasting when there's only one beer to taste. Next week, I'm going to a store outside the city that specializes in German and Czech beers. I don't know if you ever had a Czech beer, but they are the country that drinks the largest amount of beer per habitant per year, so of course there's one or two in there that are pretty good. I'll try to give you names when I come back from that store, but they're already crazy hard to find over here, I don't know if you'll be able to find them. But hey, not that long ago I was certain I would never find Stone in France.

    I'm with you there, that match ruined the whole show for me. I don't even care that it ended so quickly. But the fact that they would waste the rub of not only beating Lesnar, but making him look like a total b*tch, on a guy who has, at the very best, four matches left in WWE, is completely insane to me. They should have given that to a guy who is going to be there for the next ten years, because that's what WWE needs desperately, to make new stars for the next ten years, and they just robbed some guy from that kind of career defining moment. But no, they had to bring back another old guy, who is just here to make everybody else on the roster look like a perpetual midcarder, and give him the one win that guarantees that. Typical WWE shooting themselves in the foot. I know the company won't go under because of that, and considering how the fans went nuts over the match, it seems like the right decision. But what will happen in five years, when all the part timers are no good anymore, and they haven't created one single new big star, because they've wasted the most talented roster they've ever had, by making them look so insignificant? I'd say, hopefully they'll learn from this, but considering they're closing in on another main event push for Reigns, they've obviously learned nothing.

    Yeah BOLA is the show of the year for me. Lydia saw it too and from her 2016 BR Awards selection she agrees. On Night 2 and Night 3 there's a new tag team that makes its debut in the form of Fenix and Pentagon Jr from LU, and they are fantastic. Also, you've got Cody Rhodes PWG debut in Night 2 and it's awesome. You won't be disappointed Dave, get yourself a nice six pack and enjoy the rest of the shows, because you're in for something special.