I once partied with Buster Posey back when we were both at Florida State. He asked to borrow a condom, then stammered down the sidewalk into the darkness, presumably to learn the secrets of being a World Series champion.

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  • DARK KUSH posted 3423 days ago


    Convinced of palmer yet guy?! He just did well with almost none of oir weapons on the field...wait until we get fully healthy...these games wont be so close anymore...we will blowout a lot of teams down the stretch...go write an appology letter plz...

  • Sean O'Leary posted 3447 days ago

    Sean O'Leary

    Totally understand the stir craze of being in a small place for a long time. My stay at FSU allowed me the privilege of both Drew Bumfords and Christian Ponder, with a little bit of Xavier Lee and EJ Manuel. I have to say earned or not, being at the Gator Bowl win over West Virginia for Bobby's farewell was worth the disappointing finishes and having to face Tebow while he was at UF.

  • Jus Gonsalves posted 3447 days ago

    Jus Gonsalves

    Expensive to live, I guess for people that aren't from here it's awesome. But for me? I've been there.. I've done that. The island is only so small so it's not like we can drive to another place and go on vacation, you know?

    I visited CA for 2 weeks [my brother lives there now] and I instantly noticed the difference in how people from Hawaii act and people from there. If you like random people complimenting you on your choice of sporting teams [down here it's Oakland, SF, Dallas, Pittsburgh that stand out] then you'd love it.

    When you attended FSU, who was QB? Bums[Weather]ford?

  • Sean O'Leary posted 3449 days ago

    Sean O'Leary

    Some of my best memories are FSU home games, mainly basketball since during my years there the football team sort of underwhelmed. Other than the university, is Hawaii a dope place?

  • Jus Gonsalves posted 3449 days ago

    Jus Gonsalves

    Lol, You attended FSU? Awesome, that's my NCAA team.

    I'm born/raised in Hawaii but can't stand the university, with the exception of Brennan, fail.