Proud Georgia Tech alumnus who loves everything GT and hates everything georgia.

When it comes to the ACC at least one person in the media knows what he is talking about while everyone else sucks VT's dick...

"Will the ACC finally deliver a superpower?
The ACC was not a bad league last year. In fact, it was actually quite good. About the only thing it lacked (and has lacked for some time now) was a truly elite team—the kind of squad that could legitimately compete with the USCs, Oklahomas and Floridas of the world. Miami and Florida State are improving but, despite their proud histories, are far from elite today. Virginia Tech and Boston College have had nice runs of success but simply don't have the resources to remain consistently great. Virginia and Maryland are good one year, average the next. Clemson … well, don’t even go there. If you’re looking for a darkhorse candidate to fill that “superpower” role, look no further than Atlanta. Yes, believe it. Georgia Tech, ACC superpower. " by Tim Hyland

The future is bright in Atlanta thanks to one man and his name is Paul Johnson, don't forget it. [I know U(sic)GA fans won't, Hahahaa]

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  • David Carter posted 3797 days ago

    David Carter

    Josh Nesbitt's stats from the Orange Bowl:
    2 completions,
    9 attempts,
    12 passing yards,
    1 interception,
    46 rushing yards.
    Georgia Tech had 18 total yards after their first 10 plays and 155 total yards in the whole games.

    In other words, Nesbitt is a sad pathetic loser who rolled over and died in the Orange Bowl. He's never going to be great. He can't throw the damn ball!