Janet Kessler

Janet Kessler


I'm a Dallas Native of 40+ years. I got my start with sports at a very very young age. As far back as my memory goes, I can remember watching some kind of sports game with my dad.

In the beginning there was only the Dallas Cowboys, and only the Dallas Cowboys I loved. I remember other pro-sports came and went, finding it hard to carve a niche in Dallas. Finally a few choice teams made it.

Those of you from Dallas will recognize this, I'm what you call a "Grove Rat."

My first love of sport is the Cowboys. My inspiration to write about them is equal to their credibility, and both are little low on the radar.

I'm in the mist of a revival with the Rangers, now that Tom Hicks is paying people with brains to make the decisions (Jerry Jones please take notes).

My current focus is mostly Mavericks. Basketball is such a thrill to me.

Anyway, I have a weird understanding of football and basketball. I mean, I'm not like most girls. I understand in detail what going on with the game. Sometime way more than the guys I'm watching it with.

I can be best described as a late bloomer in writing. My goal is still the same, even though I'm branching into other teams, that of projecting my passion for my teams.

For those of you who are better at watching sports than playing sports, check out my in depth non-team specific writing at http://howtowatchsports.com/

Or to see my non-sports writing at http://groveratcapers.posterous.com/

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    a remembrance :

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