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Mike is a Breaking News Writer for Bleacher Report. He also contributes to Sports Talk Florida as the Florida Gators Insider. His work has been featured on, Los Angeles Times and Sign on San Diego online.

Named after Michael Jordan, he hoped to become the next MJ until he realized he could only touch the rim on a Nerf hoop. Now he looks to wow audiences with his prose and turn some heads in the B/R community.

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  • Josh Matt posted 2745 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add/

  • David Williams posted 2799 days ago

    David Williams

    Dude, you were all over the place wrong on your recent Falcons/Chargers winners and losers writeup. Next time watch the game and write the article instead of just reading the stat line. Then you'd know the "botched 2 point play that Mike Smith mysteriously called" was actually nothing more than a bad snap. You'd also know that "loser" Roddy White had fewer catches, but many were pivotal 3rd down conversions that helped keep the ball moving. Lol, and as I type this I see you've changed the Botched 2 Point Play to Loser:The Field Goal Team...what a jackass...

  • Ben Millikan posted 2874 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    Glad I could help, Mike.

  • jordan feigelis posted 2891 days ago

    jordan feigelis

    hey retard...Mario Chalmers won the championship.

  • King J posted 2952 days ago

    King J

    Hey bro please PM me your official prediction statement on Mayweather/Cotto ASAP! Thanks!

  • Ben Millikan posted 2961 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    Glad to help, Mike.

  • Peter Mills posted 2965 days ago

    Peter Mills

    You too! I hope for my Devils' sake that you're wrong, but boy do the Penguins look scary right now.

  • Tony Sepulveda posted 2978 days ago

    Tony Sepulveda

    Tannehill threw for 16 INT's last year. He would have thrown for over 20 had he played 16 games. Let me tell you why drafting a guard will put Miami over the top.

    1. Miami was 30th in the league in QB hits last year.
    2. They were third in the league in Sacks allowed.
    3. As much as people want to make a case for QB, Matt Moore was pretty good last year. He had a QB rating of 87.5. That's good for 12th in the league. He was actually ahead of guys like:

    Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Flacco, Palmer, Dalton, Fitzpatrick.

    He did this while still getting sacked at an alarming rate. Think of what he could do in a quick pass west coast offense with an offensive line that can protect him. DeCastro is the only player at 8 that one can say with confidence will be a perenial pro bowl player. They are comparing this guy to Steve Hutchinson. In other words, he's a once in a decade type player. He would single handedly improve our running game. With one pick Miami will drastically improve their rushing and passing game. We'll have the best three headed monster in the league. Long, DeCastro, and Pouncey. Image that left side.

    Philbin has already commented on Miami's need on the offensive line. Look for Miami to land either the All Pro guard DeCastro or the solid Reiff with the 8th overall pick.

    1. DeCastro
    2. Nick Perry
    3. Harrison Smith (We have to get a safety. Smith is projected to be the best safety when it comes to covering TE's. (Gronk, Hernandez, Keller, TD Chandler)
    3. Mohamed Sanu or Quick
    4. Best Available (there is always someone who falls to the 4th)
    5. Brock Oswieler (6'6 242 cannon arm)
    6. best available
    7. best available

  • Hannah Tolces posted 3135 days ago

    Hannah Tolces

    The Chargers deserved to lose as they seemed to close up the shop in the 2nd half.

  • Sergio Nugent posted 3176 days ago

    Sergio Nugent

    Great article man! I disagree about The O-Line though. Jake Long is such a beast. I'd say they deserve a B+.