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I have been a sports fan for most of my life. My teams are the Philadephia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Mets and Delaware Blue Hens.

I also am a regular participant in multiple fantasy sports leagues. This year I completed the Triple Crown, by finishing first in our football, basketball and baseball leagues in succession.

In a previous career, I published dozens of technical articles and authored a book. But now I am writing on more interesting topics. I recently completed the Bleacher Report internship program. I would appreciate hearing any comments you have on my articles and writing style. Thanks,

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  • Mike Donnelly posted 2895 days ago

    Mike Donnelly

    I was shocked you did not mention all the bye weeks our opponents have this year in your week by week Eagles breakdown.

  • Hewett Packard posted 3155 days ago

    Hewett Packard

    And, it's not even close yet.

  • Hewett Packard posted 3155 days ago

    Hewett Packard

    Are you kidding? It's Nicklaus, bro.

  • Paul Pearson posted 3179 days ago

    Paul Pearson

    From what I see you are a great writer...I love the Cubs...but I love the truth more...let me know when you put something out...I like to learn from writers like you.