Tim  Martin

Tim Martin


Hi all, I'm a contributor to Bleacher Report focussing on boxing, athletics and football. The opportunity to write about sports is a privilege as is engaging with fans across the world. I am a Belfast native and have previously covered major sporting events for local and national news print outlets. Whether playing football or golf competitively or attempting a 5K PB at a weekend park run, I can always be found lost in sport.

I like the aspect of debate from which good writing flows. Particularly in the boxing community, debate is endless. It refuses to cease from Floyd Mayweather to Ali and everything in between. To be able to offer my own standpoint is fantastic but it would be meaningless without the engagement of others. Bleacher Report’s knowledgeable and honest fans are central to online journalism and it’s heartening to know that readers are so keen to dish out their two cents.

In the months ahead, I am certain my own opinions will have shifted based on the responses of others to my work. It’s a process that I look forward to continuing enthusiastically. Let the small talk stop and the real journey begin.

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