Growing up in the St. Louis area, Will has been a lifelong Cardinal and Blues fan. Now living in SEC country, he plans to be the lone Missouri Tiger fan in Alabama.

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  • Ben Rosenthal posted 2691 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    Sure thing, Will!

  • Ely Sussman posted 2711 days ago

    Ely Sussman

    Sure, Will. I'm not a Cardinals fan (or even Christian), but it's refreshing to see original content like that.

    St. Louis should be AWESOME in 2013 with all that starting rotation depth and guys like Freese and Yadi in the primes of their careers.

    Glad to see that you're familiar with my work :)

  • Dan Gruchala posted 2713 days ago

    Dan Gruchala

    You earned it. I was thinking about writing a Kozma article but then I found yours and realized I couldn't do it any better than you had already done it.

  • Allyson Daniels posted 2736 days ago

    Allyson Daniels

    "Rough" is a nice way to describe Mizzou's football season. At least we had the Cardinals there for a while to distract us.

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 2750 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    Sure thing, Will!

  • Zak Kulin posted 2774 days ago

    Zak  Kulin

    No problem, Will.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 2784 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    Hey, Will. Just to update, I don't have the ability to delete the article, but I did pass the message along.

  • Jonathan Brent posted 2829 days ago

    Jonathan Brent

    You're quite welcome. Thanks for writing; I enjoyed reading it!

  • Corey Noles posted 2867 days ago

    Corey Noles

    Hey Will! Thanks for the note! I enjoy reading your stuff! So, how long have you been writing here?

  • Jared Newman posted 2928 days ago

    Jared Newman

    Sure! Any time. Should be interesting to see how the Kings do in the Finals if they close out the Coyotes...and how the Blues rebound next year.