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  • First Name Last Name posted 1450 days ago

    First Name Last Name

    Go Hornets!

  • IIIII posted 1458 days ago


    I have photographic memory . Heres what i remember

    Alicia Laner : So Lebron won't get GM of the year?
    Maybe he learnt less from miami than he thought he did.

    HEAT lifer : Alicia you should take your talents to my kitchen . Im hungry .

    Alicia Laner : Thanks Mr. Class but as far as TV dinners and Handjobs im pretty sure your mother has that handled and will do it for you . kthxbye

    Then there were other people commenting stuff like

    " FINISH HIM !!! "

    " He wasnt ready "

    " OOHH Kill em "

    " You ended this clown "

    Etc. Etc.

    It went something like that lol

    [ ( credit to me :) ]

  • The Real Al Jefferson posted 1479 days ago

    The Real Al Jefferson

    hey fellow panthers and hornets fan

  • Dabbin' His Way To Super Bowl 50 posted 1506 days ago

    Dabbin' His Way  To Super Bowl 50

    Hello fellow Panther fan. Do you think we are ready to play these next few games? @Bengals, @Packers, and home against Seattle. We can win all 3, but we could lose all 3! I think we will beat Seattle for sure (revenge on last year) and I'm sure we can win one of those 2 road games. (I think the packers one is more realistic they haven't still beat a good team yet). the bengals are looking bad all of sudden but we are looking good. If the defense can play like it did in the second half of the ears game and same with the offense we can win all 3 of these games. Im so hyped. What do you think???? BTW could u fan me also. I fanned you so could u return the favor? That would be awesome thanks!