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  • MESSIgician10 posted 1382 days ago


    Christian, there is no doubt that you're one of the most smartest and honest Madrid fans here. You are never biased, and I really love reading your comments dude. Don't listen to these haters. You just keep being honest and truthful okay buddy ;)

  • Thomas Hitzfield posted 1404 days ago

    Thomas Hitzfield

    Hey Christian, read my comment again in that article. I did not once "hate" Ronaldo anywhere in that. I was talking about his hardcore, immature fans, and there are many on this site. And even kids like you, interpreting everything to be hate. I don't hate Cristiano at all.

  • Emile Heskey posted 1441 days ago

    Emile Heskey

    What up

  • Razor Wind of Barca posted 1456 days ago

    Razor Wind of Barca

    probably the only madrid fan with more than 2 brain cells, bit of a cr7 fanboy at times, then again i am a messi fanboy at times so!!!!

  • ElCristiano TheFirst posted 1457 days ago

    ElCristiano TheFirst

    You are an insult to us true and honest madridistas who stand by the crest of our club.

  • Shaikat the Gr8 posted 1494 days ago

    Shaikat the Gr8

    Hey Cruz, I like your comments. You are unbiased and you respect every team and player.

  • The Barca Files posted 1526 days ago

    The Barca Files

    I find you to be one the most respectful Real Madrid fans. :)