Josh co-founded the popular NFL blog, Kissing Suzy Kolber, and was managing editor of the site now known as Uproxx Sports. He is a former weekend editor of Deadspin and former contributor to WashingtonPost.com and Vice Sports.

He lives in Atlanta. Follow him on Twitter @JoshZerkle.

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  • Mike Graham posted 1568 days ago

    Mike Graham

    The date of your article is 2012 and Cody Paul is now a junior or senior in college, albeit a small college, at 5'6 170 +/-, I'd say he's done well for himself. And then your article..."All Washed Up." Back in the 80's, I was 6 foot nothing and less than 200lbs and started as a receiver playing football in college. Like Cody Paul, I played with heart, not so much athletic talent...but I played, ever down! Cody, whom I do not know personally, has no size to 'em in a world of college football that insists on body mass. He's beaten the odds and he's on the field each week grinding out yards, something I doubt very seriously you've done. To write an article about the kid in such a way as to put him down, is just lame. And based on the one and only article I've ever read by you, your just a douche-bag. You can kiss Suzy Kolber in your dreams and be the managing editor of an unknown website called Upjoxx Sports, but you're still a douche. Why cut a kid who's worked hard, practiced hard and played hard, to the core for no reason Jerkle? Maybe he didn't turn out to be a Darrin Sproles but so what, the kids living his dream on the football field and we've enjoyed following him over the years. Nine to eleven million people have watched his video from back in 2006...I'd say between your two ventures with Kolber and Upcoxx, you'll never see those kinds of numbers. This is where I have to say it again, so pardon the redundancy but you are just a douche Jerkle. Did you ever play football? I can hardly wait to hear your reaction to that...lemme guess, soccer? I'm not really sure why I even took time to write you. Articles like this come from jealousy and I see that in your tone of the article. Why...just why, tear a kid down and call him washed up? Cody Paul has been an inspiration to thousands of young kids. He's influenced many to strap on pads play ball. He's a man's man and you're just a queef. I just don't get why you'd e so harsh Jerkle. Anyway, I got that out of my system. Best of luck hittin that 11 million viewer mark that little Cody pulled off...maybe he needs to write an article about you Jerkle. But where you're concerned, you have to have actually been something before you can be labeled "washed up!"

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  • Neil Eidelberg posted 1673 days ago

    Neil Eidelberg

    Dear Mr. Zerkle: A friend suggested that you might publish the following letter that I have written to Roger Goodell. If you would like to publish it, I'd be greatly appreciative. Sincerely, Neil Eidelberg.

    May 12, 2015

    Roger Goodell
    Commissioner, NFL

    Dear Mr. Goodell:
    In the grand scheme of things, “Deflategate” may be of minor consequence. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to make the following statement. During your years of tenure as commissioner of the NFL (which I now refer to as the National Felony League), there has been a surge in the level of crime and corruption which is only rivaled by what occurs within American politics. Under your stewardship, players and coaches who have been involved with and/or charged with and/or convicted of corporate espionage (Bill Belichick and his “Spygate” shenanigans), dogfighting, spousal abuse, weapon possession, child abuse, and even murder, have been reinstated to the league, or simply been given a free pass. The latest fiasco has resulted in a four game suspension, the loss of two draft picks, and a one million dollar fine (which in a multi-billion dollar industry is akin to me losing a nickel out of a hole in my pants pocket.) Your sanctions of the New England Patriots amount to no more than mandating that Hitler’s inner circle be forced to attend sensitivity training. During my entire career as a teacher, then as a school administrator, I enforced a “zero tolerance” policy toward school-based misconduct and criminality. While I did temper my decisions with mercy when applicable, it is obvious that you care nothing about such a mindset. Your decisions diminish us all, and you simply prove what everyone already thinks: that professional football is a spectacle, a method of savage entertainment, rather than a sport. It is not a “means to an end”; in fact, it is exactly the opposite. You have allowed what should be the molding of men into role models for the youth of this nation to become a worship of men who are allowed to do anything that they so please, without consequence. It is reflected down into college and high school football, and even trickles down into the Pop Warner/Pee Wee levels. It is fair to say that all professional sports have their examples of immorality and amorality, but the NFL certainly leads the league(s) in that regard. I have been a football fan for as long as I remember, but now I am done. Allowing the Patriots to remain as Super Bowl champions rewards bad behavior. If the league was disbanded tomorrow, I would not shed a tear. But perhaps your resignation might signal the return of something decent about the sport.


    Neil Eidelberg

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