Rich Primo

Rich Primo


I have an odd fascination with sports. I don't have a lot invested in them, yet a day doesn't pass that I don't read about MY teams. And my teams are the Cleveland pro teams: Indians, Cavaliers, and Browns.

But that connect/disconnect also gives me a certain perspective on the teams that I think many don't use.

You basically have two perspectives for sports: The fans', which is ludicrous (the adjective, not the rapper), and the sports reporters', which usually tries to stay objective. Here on Bleacher Report, there are some good average Joes and Janes who do the latter work. There are also some other good sites out there who work the same angle. And god bless them, I read a few of them and they do terrific work.

So where does that leave me?

Well, while reporters report and fans clamor, I am here to critique things from a management point of view. Why? Well, because that is what I tend to do naturally. It's not so much to be unique - and let's be honest, a unique angle in sports "talk" doesn't exist anymore; the genre has been so wrung out that it's a mature market that really comes down to doing a better job than the competition - but because this is how I do it.

And thus, I bring you this Emperor thing. I am the ruler of all Cleveland professional sports teams. I am really a dictator of those teams, but I hate the connotation of that role. Emperor sounds nicer, right?

But believe me, if you cross the Emperor (me), heads will roll.

So that is sort of it.

I will say that I have taken this angle before and it gets misread by people who take everything as just a critique of the product. That misread can lead to me either sounding like a jilted fan or a backslapper of the people who THINK they're in charge of these organizations. (When in fact I am in charge)

Drop the usual scrutiny of what angle I am trying to come at (even though I just used this bio as an explanation of said angle) and just concentrate on the words written. This is sports; it's not politics. Quit trying to figure out who's side I am on and just read the message.

I plan on being fair but mostly honest. Feel free to agree or disagree, but try and hear the message.

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  • Samantha Bunten posted 3620 days ago

    Samantha Bunten

Welcome to the Cleveland Indians Community. As the Community Leader around these parts, I want to thank you for sharing your work with us.


I enjoyed your piece "The Cleveland Indians: What's The Point?". I was particularly impressed by it because I don't agree with your argument at all, yet still thought the article was excellent.


Going forward, I hope we can expect to see more of the same quality work from you. More importantly, I hope you’ll continue to make the most of Bleacher Report as a resource for aspiring sportswriters.


I also encourage you to contact me if there’s ever anything I can do for you. It’s the role of Community Leaders to help newcomers to our community find their groove, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you ever have questions or concerns. Feel free to message me here on B/R or on facebook.

    Thank you again for sharing your work, and please keep it coming when you can. I’ll look forward to reading your next piece.