I am a displaced Detroit sports fan living in Portland, Oregon. As such, I generally write on all Detroit sports topics including the Tigers, Lions and University of Michigan and am the Featured Columnist for the Detroit Pistons. In addition to my duties with the Pistons, I also cover the rest of the NBA and of course my adopted home town's team, the Blazers. I began writing for B/R in 2008 and have enjoyed being a part of this exceptional site. I graduated from Hope College in 2004 with a B.A. in history, psychology and education.

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  • Marshall Zweig posted 2639 days ago

    Marshall Zweig

    Jay, I would message you directly but my "compose mail" button isn't working.

    What in your opinion made the Ben Gordon trade "infamous?" I liked that trade. Yeah, the Pistons gave up a first-round draft pick, but they protected that pick pretty well. Plus they saved a ton of salary and inherited an expiring contract.

    What's infamous about that?

    Look forward to hearing from you, and I enjoyed the article!


  • kevin palmer posted 2883 days ago

    kevin palmer

    Tell me what you think about this trade scenario....Monroe, Stuckey, and our 8th pick to New Orleans for their 6th pick and Eric Gordon. I want the Pistons to get Trey Burke because he would help maximize and develop Drummond with his ability to penetrate and find teammates. Look what he did for Mitch Mcgary at Michigan. Turned an awkward big white guy with moderate talent into a potential first round draft pick....insert Drummond and I think that's a good combo.

  • Matt Donnelly posted 2888 days ago

    Matt Donnelly

    I liked your article on Joakim Noah!!

    I would take Gasol over Al Horford though, what he lacks in rebounding which is still solid, he makes up for in passing. Plus I would say he's a better defender than Horford as well.

  • Mark Johnson posted 2924 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    I see that you're a big fan of the Pistons (as am I, disappointingly lol), and I'd love if you could stop by a site that I work on and make the Pistons' pick for them in our fan interactive mock draft! Thanks!


  • Paul Pierce posted 2989 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    IMO pistons and Celtics are nothing alike.

  • Michael Bielecki posted 3037 days ago

    Michael Bielecki

    Thank you very much for posting the other piece on my wall! Keep up the great work!

  • Marcus Dunay posted 3183 days ago

    Marcus  Dunay

    Jay, your roster prediction for the Cavs was not very good, I'm sorry to tell you. First of all, Alonzo Gee already signed a three year contract with the Cavs about a week ago and Casspi is terrible, he should never start. Also, Varejao has not been a bench player his entire career... (I just looked it up) He has started every game he has played in, for the past two seasons and has 128 career starts.Varejao will be a starter no matter what and I do agree that Zeller will move into the starting lineup, but he will move Thompson out, who is much less experienced than Varejao. I also think that just for the first few weeks of the season C.J. Miles would start because he has 159 career starts. I think it would take Waiters a few weeks to become starter material. This is how I think the Cavs starting lineup should be:

    P.G. Kyrie S.G. Miles/Waiters S.F. Gee P.F. Varejao C. Zeller

  • Isaiah Crum posted 3200 days ago

    Isaiah Crum

    Hey man, I love your articles, keep writing! I was wondering if you could write an article about team needs and what should be done about those needs.

  • Tony Jordan posted 3237 days ago

    Tony Jordan


    Hey Jay. I was wondering if you can make an article about the now huge depth at the SF position for the Pistons.

    My opinions: We already have our Vet player in Tayshaun so there is no need for Maggette in that department. Maggette obviously is not in our future but I'm sure he would want some playing time as this is his contract year. I would love to see Middleton and Singler because I feel they can be the SF duo of the future. I would say move Maggette to backup SG but that will also hender the development and time of another guy who I think can be a great spark off the bench, Kim English. Joe and Frank need to have a plan for this season. Do we play our young guys or play Maggette for significant minutes even though he is not in the long term future. I would hate to see one of these young guys not get decent time to show their skills (like Vernon Macklin last season)

  • Aaron Mayberry posted 3241 days ago

    Aaron Mayberry

    "If anyone has any idea what the Bobcats are thinking, please let me know."

    Let me make this real simple for you: The Bobcats just purchased a first-round draft pick with money they had to spend anyway.

    The headlines will say that Ben Gordon was traded for Corey Maggette, but pay no mind; they're just contracts in this deal. They're not bad players necessarily, but they're roughly equivalent talents with oversized contracts on teams going nowhere.

    The real action comes through the draft pick and the money changing hands. Charlotte now has a potential lottery pick in 2014 or 2015, and the cost is the difference in salary (about $14 million). Normally, that would be an excessive price to pay, but these aren't normal times. The Bobcats may not hit the league's salary floor in 2013-14, let alone the cap, so the $13.2 million that Gordon adds to their payroll in that season doesn't stand to hurt them much since they needed to add a bunch of salary anyway. In that sense, they really paid far less than $14 million for the draft pick.

    From Detroit's perspective, this deal was a no-brainer. The Pistons dump $13.2 million from their 2013-14 payroll, since Maggette's contract expires in 2012-13, retain their amnesty clause to use on Charlie Villanueva (instead of maybe Gordon) and now stand to be as much as $20 million under the cap that summer, depending on what moves they make between now and then.


    P.S. - An basic understanding of NBA contracts/NBA salary laws might be useful before writing on the subject.