Anthony Witrado

Anthony Witrado


Anthony Witrado covers Major League Baseball for Bleacher Report. He spent the previous three seasons as the national baseball columnist at Sporting News, and four years before that as the Brewers beat writer for The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where he was the first to discover Prince Fielder was a short-lived vegetarian. Follow Anthony on Twitter @awitrado.

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  • Han Solo DIES posted 1099 days ago

    Han Solo DIES

    Do you think the Dodgers should gut the farm system for pitchers such as Miller and/or Fernandez? I feel as if it's pointless waiting for prospects such as Holmes, Buehler, etc. to develop because Kershaw is aging. Also, seeing as how the Dodgers have a virtually unlimited payroll, why have they only signed Iwakuma?

  • Alan Speelman posted 1130 days ago

    Alan Speelman

    Stear You meant Steer. Who edits these stories?

  • Erik Sullivan posted 1228 days ago

    Erik Sullivan

    you do not know what you are talking about.

  • Robert Frey posted 1228 days ago

    Robert Frey

    In your article “Winners, Losers of MLB Trade Deadline” you categorized the Mets activities as being a “Push” but truly it read more like a loss. Are you certain of the Cespedes contract stipulations? I heard the Mets now (as his team) have an exclusive window – albeit a small one to sign him long term.

  • You are a complete moron for saying the Mets have hit a 'new low' because the Gomez trade never went through.

  • Jon Chirico posted 1337 days ago

    Jon Chirico

    Hello, in your recent article, "6 MLB Teams That Will Not Live Up to the Hype in 2015",
    posted on MSN...
    You said something about the Royals which is just funny to people who actually know stats.
    "Shields is gone, which leaves a huge hole in the rotation. Yordano Ventura is being looked at to replace him, and while he may be good, he won’t be what Shields was last year."
    Hmm let's check out the stats!
    Shields last year went 14-8, Ventura went 14-10.. Hmmm (I respect the #KillTheWin and how records sometimes not always telling of how a pitcher really is so...)
    Shields ERA last year was 3.21, Ventura was 3.20.. Wow this is weird...
    Shields WHIP last year was 1.181, Ventura was 1.295, damn the 1st one you can kinda get me on...
    Shields pitched 227.0 innings last year (ace) in 34 games, Ventura 183.00 in 31. Give him 3 more starts with a good outing of 7 and he's at 204 innings.
    Irregardless, Shields ER was 81 Ventura 65.
    How about some K's... Shields, 180, Ventura, 159.
    How old is James? 32 wow. Ventura, 23!! Yes age could be said as just a number, but numbers don't like that James will only get worse and Ventura only better.
    My point in all of this is, you're a clown. You should probably research numbers first.
    Give Ventura same amount of innings last year as Shields, they woulda had same numbers I bet.
    So in replacing him? I think he already did...
    Oh and not living up to hype, but you give them credit in another article you write about 1st week winners?
    It's important to always agree with yourself and never lose site of your opinion.
    Let me know when you graduate clown college, I wanna be there to clap on my favorite sports writer who puts out random things without looking at numbers.

  • Bruce Rowan posted 1348 days ago

    Bruce Rowan

    Great aces article. No National League bias there.

  • Naruto Uzumaki posted 1379 days ago

    Naruto Uzumaki

    Why would you ever root for someone to fail..? A-Rod didn't kill anyone, rape anyone, kill dogs, and you want him to fail? Come on