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  • Ottokar Premyslid posted 2314 days ago

    Ottokar Premyslid

    Just give up writing articles.

  • Steamboat Fan posted 2315 days ago

    Steamboat Fan

    Daniel Bryan has 'soiled' the WWE championship? really? You are the master of over-reaction (you must belong to the tea party) or maybe its just a time of month thing. Soiled is a word i would use to describe David Arquettes WCW championship win or Vince Mcmahons ECW championship win. This is merely a guy you don't particularly like beating a guy you love (and it may well get reversed tonight anyway)

    Your articles are every bit as biased as the ones you hate for blowing sunshine up Bryans backside. I cannot see how your problem with Bryans main event slot, the crowds are hot for him and he is currently bringing ratings. If it is a flash in the pan like you think it is then why not milk it for all it's worth? And if it is long term love (i suspect it is) then we have a new main eventer for years to come, it is a risk free gamble.

  • Ever Russell posted 2317 days ago

    Ever Russell

    In case you don't see my comment on your Bryan article (as my account glitches occasionally) I just wanted to say I actually enjoyed the article and agreed with a lot of the content, and expanded upon it to silence as many critics as I could. Not like that was my purpose, but I feel that's what happened.


  • Dan O' Leary posted 2317 days ago

    Dan O' Leary

    Fuck You and Orton!

  • Legend Killer posted 2317 days ago

    Legend Killer

    Nice article Ryan.

  • Kyle IMaBeast posted 2338 days ago

    Kyle IMaBeast

    If you can't take criticism, and respond to people that actually pose contemplative responses (and not just the people that completely agree with you, or that don't formulate intuitive conversation, i.e. insult you from the gate), then you should GIVE UP writing because that's all that it entails.. In fact, that's a part of life.. People don't always agree with you.

    I find you boring and uninformative. You take old stories and bash them to death on a consistent basis. If you don't believe me, name the last 5 articles you wrote and their subject matter? I rest my case.

    If any of what I said bothers you, then print this out, remember my name, and come back later in life to rub it in my face when you become famous for your articles. I'll own up like a man, shake your hand and congratulate you on your success. I however, have my doubts in you sir. I don't believe you have what it takes.

    If you feel writing article after article about Terrell Owens (because you had a little one-on-one with him) then continue to do so. However, I will laugh on the inside every time as I know it shows how little of an imagination you have, a simple desire to progress your writing skills and to actually branch out of your comfort zone.

    With all that said, I wish you the best of luck. I really do.

    (my guess is, you'll flag this as offensive and get my account banned, which I'll in turn have to make a new one. I'm fine with that)

  • Vince Massop posted 2358 days ago

    Vince Massop

    I have to say that I totally agree with you on your article about the Niners signing T.O. I could be way off about this but I think somebody had him blackballed from joining the organization. I am a Niners fan but and I just don't understand that after he rebuilt his reputation when he joined Buffalo and Cincinatti, that they wouldn't even consider someone with so much to offer at this stage of his career. They just walked into the NFC championship with no weapons and it disgusted me that they would sacrifice all that hard work just to uphold this ridiculous assertion of someone. Even now they are bringing in all these unproven bodies as if they never had a shot at the Super Bowl a year ago. The Niners beat themselves every season and its getting a bit sickening.

  • Chris Custer posted 2359 days ago

    Chris Custer

    I very much enjoyed your article, defending T.O. against Cris Carter's cheap shots. Owens may be a polarizing figure, but you effectively pointed out how Carter's comments amounted to nothing more than contradictory, hypocritical trash-talk. Bravo!

  • Matt Donnelly posted 2433 days ago

    Matt Donnelly

    I really enjoyed your article on TO Vs Moss. I believe it's extremely close and you have your negatives and positives for both WR's. Moss more dominate. T.O better all around WR.

    I believe top 4 WR's in the early 2000's.

    1A. Moss
    1B. T.O
    3. Marvin Harrison
    4. Tory Holt

    That would be an interesting comparison is Marvin Harrison vs Tory Holt

    others would be Chad Johnson (NOT Ochocinco) haha and Jimmy Smith (very underated)

  • donald rogers posted 2462 days ago

    donald rogers

    Terrell Owens is tenuous to hang your hat on. If I were an elector to the NFL Hall Of Fame, TO would never make the cut. Off-field dissension that over shadows on-field performance negates HOF consideration. SO, you and I are at odds even prior to your worthless op pieces published on BR.