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  • Kreskin Annihilation posted 2778 days ago

    Kreskin Annihilation

    You still around, Mike?

  • Kevin McGrady posted 3060 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    No, I did not think Alabama would win. In fact I was afraid they might lose big, that is why I did not write about the BCS Championship this year. It goes to show that anything can happen in college football.

    Congrats to the Alabama players and Coaches, they had what it took.

  • Larry Burton posted 3078 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Oh no... I miss little, go read the article I did on it...

  • Kevin McGrady posted 3096 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    LOL................. I don't think we have to worry about celebrating any titles in Alabama this season, but who knows? Good luck on the 9th.

  • Zac rescorzc posted 3097 days ago

    Zac rescorzc

    I see you car about the topic more than I do. I hope Bama gets embarrassed just for the sake of your misery.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 3097 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    It does not matter Mike, Alabama did not win the SEC in 2011 and did not even qualify for the SEC Championship game. This fact alone over rides and taints anything that happens later. It almost reminds me of 1973, except that team won the SEC before getting stomped by the National Champions. Alabama still has the gall to claim that one..........LOL

    Who knows, they won the conference and lost the title game that year, maybe this one works better in reverse. Of course, that assumes LSU doesn't stomp them twice.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 3097 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    It is funny, when an Alabama fan is proved wrong, it is an excuse. When they use the same reason to explain their position, it is fact.

    It must be a genetic link between the Crimson faithful..........LOL

  • Kevin McGrady posted 3101 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Alabama played eight offensive linemen in the game, I guess you must have missed the substitutions.

    The other factor you seem to be unaware of is that the offense knows where they are going and exactly how to get there. The defense must react and adjust. Alabama rotates three players at every defensive line position and every team rotates at least two due to this fact. Defensive players will run at least 1/3 more than offensive players in any given game.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 3105 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Unfortunately for Alabama, my comments about the offense were spot on.

    The truth is that the two sophomore defensive tackles for Auburn gave the Alabama offensive line all they wanted until they had to be pulled from fatigue and replaced with true freshmen. The problem Auburn had on that side of the ball was generated by the offensive lines failure to perform and allow the offense time to execute. This resulted in the defense having to remain on the field a normal full games playing time by the first drive in the third quarter.

    The Alabama offensive line did look good at times against the true freshmen that replaced them later in the game. I suspect a year of strength and conditioning will cure that problem.

    Alabama has a good defense, but their offense is less than pathetic. Not as bad as Auburn's, but pathetic still. This is due to the offensive line for the most part, and that has improved very little over the last half of the season.

    One thing is certain, Alabama was the better team yesterday.

    Until Auburn fixes their current lack of an offensive line, they do not belong on the field with a top 10 team. I think if the staff could have foreseen the loss of Jared Cooper and other injuries sustained on the offensive line, they would not have red shirted Greg Robinson and Christian Westerman. One can only hope the year of work will pay dividends next season. With Mosley injured, and Greene having never regained his footwork after the broken leg last season, Auburn simply had no presence at offensive tackle for the last half of the season. This is where the illness that claimed two offensive tackle prospects (one from the 2010 class and another from the 2009 class) reared its head. There simply was no depth at offensive tackle once Robinson and Westerman were red shirted. With Will Latu joining those two, things should be a little better next season as depth at guard and center is good.

    Congrats on the win...........

  • Kreskin Annihilation posted 3105 days ago

    Kreskin Annihilation

    Roll Tide!