I'm here because I'm fascinated by the human mind. I'm passionate about understanding why we think and act the way we do. I'm looking to have a conversation about the things that add value to our lives. I'm hoping to learn something new everyday, something that improves my perspective and makes me more valuable to those who depend on me for leadership, relationship, and truth. I'm hoping I can learn something as I express my thoughts and ideas in writing, while reading yours. Thanks for being a part of the conversation.

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  • sovhlkfx caotdtbx posted 3781 days ago

    sovhlkfx caotdtbx

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  • Mike Kent posted 4218 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Can the Giants beat the Broncos?

  • Court Zierk posted 4245 days ago

    Court Zierk


    Please check out this article and let me know what you think. I would like it to get more exposure because I think it's an interesting topic.

  • Aaron Navarro posted 4256 days ago

    Aaron Navarro

    mind checking this out for me?
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  • Court Zierk posted 4262 days ago

    Court Zierk

  • Punkus posted 4270 days ago


    Sorry this article is so 11th hour. Had a family situation come up. Anyway...

    Find out how the Denver Broncos can prove they are for real this week against Dallas.

  • Punkus posted 4277 days ago


    Want to know how the Broncos will take down the Raiders in the Black hole this Sunday?

  • Punkus posted 4286 days ago


    What are the Broncos Chances against the Browns?